Still on the bubble...

on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at 1:45 PM

Yesterday: Did 4 mile recovery run including 6 strides.

Today: The training plan called for a tune-up race today. There isn't really a suitable race nearby so I decided to do a Yasso 800's workout. McMillan says that Yasso's over predict a marathon time by about 5 minutes which in my experience is about right. Last year, I did them at an average pace of 3:12.7 and ended up with a marathon time of 3:17 so this time I was going to try and do them at 3:05 in the hopes of predicting a 3:10 marathon time.

Lap Time HR Max HR Avg
03:03.1 179 166
03:03.6 224 211
03:04.9 186 175
03:07.4 185 176
03:06.5 186 176
03:04.6 188 178
03:05.0 188 178
03:06.3 187 178
03:06.2 189 180
03:06.1 188 180

The first two were a tad quick including my HR monitor going berserk on the the second one. I was only able to get them down to 3:05 and below a couple of times. Most of them were in the 3:06 range. Does 1 second really matter over a distance of 800m? The average for the 10 laps was 3:05.4 which predicts just over 3:10. I'm on the bubble. All three marathon predictors I've done predict a marathon time of just over 3:10, but not faster. It's going to be close come marathon day! I'm supposed to do one more tune-up race but there isn't really anything available so I may just do a time trial around the track or might do a 6 mile LT run. I haven't decided yet.

I have a 17 mile long run tomorrow and then it's one more week till the taper!


L*I*S*A said...

Ahhhhhh yes, the blissful taper. I have one more 17 miler, then a 20, then my taper will begin. :)

Great job on the Yasso 800's. I'm going to try to manage a couple of those before the race.

Stephen said...

Am I reading that correctly, your HR is hitting 190? Holy cow.

28 days till we find out if all those predictions were accurate:)

yumke said...

It's getting here quick, isn't it? I also can't find a tuneup race in two weeks, so I also plan a LT run or track work.