Season Premieres

on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 9:44 PM

Did 6 miles recovery this morning at about 9 min/mile pace. It was about 19C when I got out this morning which is a lot warmer than normal. In fact, today it hit a record high of 33C. I have to head downtown early tomorrow which means I'm going to have to get up super early to get my 7 miles with 2 @ MP done.

So I completely forgot that the season premiere of Heroes was on last night and I also wanted to watch that new show Chuck which sounded like it had an interesting premise. Oh well. I'm watching Heroes on the TV stations website right now and as for "Chuck", well I guess I'll just have to find some other perfectly legal way to see that show. That reminded me that I've got to get a bunch of inspiration movies to watch on Saturday. The local movie rental place looks like they're shutting down and they've shipped off all of their old movies and are currently renting out only the new releases. Crap!


yumke said...

Inspirational movies? what were you thinking of?

Fran said...

I was hoping to rent Chariots of Fire for one. I have St. Ralph and Hoosiers which are two that I like. I found some other potential ones at