Training Update

on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 8:25 PM

Well I'm 12 weeks into the 18 week training program. I've gotten most of the runs in so far with a good chunk of them having been done on the treadmill.  I did sort of skip the big Pfitz 7 mile LT run. Not that I didn't try it.  I've done all the LT runs this time around at the gym and when it came time to do the 7 mile one, I tried it outside, but it just felt so much harder and I ended up giving up on it.  Yesterday was supposed to be a tune-up and with nothing in the area, I tried a 6 mile LT run, but had to bomb on that to after 3 miles. It was windy. 

I think a major part of the reason why these have been sucking is that I made a conscious effort to try and lose some weight during March. 5 years ago, I was hovering in the low 140's whereas at the beginning of March, I was in the mid to upper 140's.  I figured the best way to give me any shot of running a good marathon was to lose some of the excess baggage. I was targeting 1 pound a week for a total of 4 pounds for the month, which I thought was a modest and safe amount, but it's just left me with a lack of energy for the higher intensity runs and I'm always constantly hungry.  I'm so far on target and down about 3 pounds from the beginning of the month.  I'm sure I've lost some muscle tone as well as some fat in the process.  With a marathon race at the beginning of May, I figured if I could cut the weight in March, I could give my body a month to recover from any ill effects. 

As for the race I'm doing, I haven't decided yet.  There are two in the area on May 3. One is the Toronto one and the other Mississauga.  I've done them both and would prefer Mississauga (first BQ was done there), but Toronto has the faster course so I'm not sure.  I think it'll probably end up being a weather decision so depending on which direction the wind is going, I'll pick the course that offers the best possibility of a fast race.  There's also the possibility of a late May marathon as well.  I was looking at Ottawa, but I think that will be sold out soon.  The other option is down in Buffalo. Hopefully it won't have to come to that. 

As for spring races, I'm targetting a few.  I'm signed up to do Around the Bay 30k next weekend, but I won't be racing it.  The training plan has an 18 mile long run with 14 at marathon pace, and the 18.6 mile race would give me an opportunity to practice race pace during an actual race.  I signed up for it relatively late so wasn't able to sign up for the seeded corrals. I'm hoping it wont be too bad with the congestion at the start.  I figure a few early slow miles and then ease into race pace.

The Pfitz plan also has two more Saturday tune-up races. There are two that potentially fit the bill. The first is Harry's spring run off 8k in High Park which I'm signed up for on April 4.  The last time I did this was in 2008 where I finished in just under 34 minutes. I'm not sure I can run that based on my LT runs. I'd be happy if I can do 35 minutes.  The second race is a trail race (10k or 15k) in Burlington as which is an MEC race.  Not sure I want to do that. I'd much prefer a road race and don't want to risk getting injured so close to race day.

I'm sort of waiting for the cold to disappear so I can start peeling off these layers of clothing. Hopefully, the added weight loss will allow me a better opportunity to get a faster time.