Run For Hutington Disease 10k Recap

on Friday, July 1, 2016 at 7:18 AM

I did a 10k race last Sunday, but I didn't actually end up racing it.  After doing a marathon, I usually like to do a few shorter races to test where the fitness is.  I had originally planned on doing the Run for Lions event which is on the Saturday that I had done last year, but I slept in.  I also had a weird twinge in my ankle on Friday.  I had switched shoes recently and I think it ended up stressing my ankles so the extra day of rest would hopefully be beneficial.  The race takes place at Sunnybrook park, and starts at the same place as the Korean Peace Marathon and Spring Into Action races that I've done before, but the route was different.  While the other two races are a 5km out and back course.  This race consisted of a 2.5 km out and back course that we would have to do twice.  While this might seem a bit boring, I actually don't mind this route as it eliminates a big hill that is present when you do the 5km out and back course.

I arrived Sunday morning and it was a bit warm and I don't like racing in warm weather.  While I had hopes of setting a PR, I quickly realized that this was going to be unlikely. I did the warm-up HR spike thing which I did get to go and reset, but as soon as I started, the HR took off right away hitting 190 in less than a minute.  I ended up running to the first water station which is just after the 2.5 km turnaround and then decided that with the HR spiking that I would shut it down.  I then proceeded to walk hoping to get the HR to reset.  I thought it did a couple of times, but as soon as I started running again, the HR would take off. In the end, I spent the next 4.5km or so trying to get the heart rate to reset. Was finally able to get the HR to come down shortly before the 7km mark for good and then proceeded to run out the rest of the race at a moderate effort.

Polar Stats and Route

So here's crazy HR.

HR at start is well over 190 and over 200 by the time I shut it down at the first turnaround, whereas at the end, the HR is at around 180 even though the pace is roughly the same.   You can also see me doing the run/walk thing in between.  Normally, when I walk, the HR is just over 100, but when it spikes it hovers at around 140 or so.  You can see when it spontaneously resets at just over 40 minutes when the HR drops suddenly and that's when I start running again to finish the race.  

Finish time was 58 minutes or so, which I guess isn't so bad when you consider that I walked for a good chunk of this. It was nice to actually enjoy the route and take in the scenery. It would have been better if I didn't have to pay a $50 entry fee to do so, but I got a tech shirt out of it and the money goes to a good cause so I suppose it's okay.

I'm finally getting the HR thing looked at again so hopefully I"ll have more information to better decide if its okay for me to actually just run through these HR episodes.