Has it been so long?

on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 7:21 PM

Wow, the blogger interface for entering new posts has changed. I guess that's what happens when you don't post for over a year. I guess I should update you all on what's new in my world.

Why the sudden post out of the blue, you may ask? Well, every time I visit, Yumke's site, his sidebar lists blogger individuals and ranks them by the date of their last post. More recent posts and you appear at the top, the oldest post appears at the bottom. Where am I located? That's right, the last individual, at the very bottom.  At least, this will get me off of the bottom for a little while!

So what's new with me? I finished grad school, now a Master of Engineering, has a nice ring to it. Started a new job. Was looking to work in-house doing legal IP stuff and for a while it was looking like I might need to relocate since most of the IP work in Toronto is in law firms and I really didn't want to go back into a law firm environment, but  thankfully found something local that I seem to like, so far.

As for running, it's been slow. I pretty much took all of 2011 off from running.  I only started to pick up some training in the months leading up to the 2011 Waterfront marathon since I was supposed to pace the half in 1:45 and there's a fear or not wanting to let others down, that forced me to get back into it.   Finished that okay on pace. 

As for this year, I'm scheduled to do a bunch of pacing gigs. Just finished one last week, pacing a 2:45 30k at Midsummer Nights run. I'm also supposed to pace 2 halfs at 1:45, one at the end of September and one in mid October.  As for the marathon, I'm registered for NYCM.  Got in through the three times a lottery loser route and have been diligently marathon training for it, but not as seriously as I have in the past.  Since they tightened the Boston qualifying times, I now need a 3:10 to get back into Boston. I was able to do that several years ago, but found the training way too tough and time consuming and I have no interest in doing that again  I'm essentially training just so I can finish in reasonable shape with a smile on my face.  My speed work and tempo runs are really more so that I can comfortably pace the half marathons that are coming up.

I was really excited about New York, but just this week, they announced that they're getting rid of the bag check which is an odd decision.  My initial thought was that this was a terrible idea as I've traveled to many marathons and have always used a bag check service.  To compensate finishers who would bring warm clothes to change into, they are providing a "Finisher's Poncho"

Waterproof and lined with fleece, it's a supposed to keep us warm until we get back to hotel/home/loved ones. The elimination of the bag check  is supposed to ease congestion at the finish line which has apparently been a problem in the past.  Will it work? Time will tell.

I hate the idea of not having a bag check. It's just one more thing I have to worry about on race day. If I travel there alone, I would have to carry my hotel key card and some ID with me during the race. Even if I had someone there with me, trying to find them afterwards is going to be almost impossible without a cell phone. NYCM is supposed to be offering a free phone calls from cell phones afterwards, but that's just not going to work very well.  Thankfully, I won't be racing this, so I don't mind if I have to carry some extra stuff with me during the race. I'd be really po'd though, if I were trying to BQ or race for a PR.

Well that's it for my ramblings for now. Until my next post...