Another 6 miles

on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 11:30 PM

We got our first dumping of snow for this winter. Still don't want to run outside yet so went back to the gym today to do another 6 miles. Forgot to bring a running t-shirt, so i had to use the t-shirt I was wearing. I can't remember the last time I ran in a non-technical fabric shirt. Wore the HR monitor today. I still haven't changed the battery in it and it kinda died towards the end. Started out at 6.0mi/hr and then increased it by 0.1 miles after each mile. Then did a brief 2 minutes or so at 8.8 mi/hr, but by then the HR monitor had stopped working so there's no useful info from that.

While there, a yoga class was going on. I've never attended any classes there before but think I may try it at some point this winter. They have a class that combines yoga, pilates and tai chi which i think might be good for increasing flexibility and core strength. They have an orientation session on tuesday evening's so i'll probably go to that first to see how difficult it is first.

Back to the Gym

on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 11:31 PM

So it's gotten cool. Not quite winter like stuff, but just above freezing. I've been dreading going outside for a run. Went through my closet on the weekend trying to find all my winter running stuff. I know that one of these days I'll have to go outside to run in the cold, but that day was not today. I went to the gym. I haven't been to the gym in over 7 months (April 1 to be exact) and I've paid 7 months in membership fees and gained nothing in return. They must love me there. Well next year I'm going to quit the gym after Boston. There I put it in writing so it's going to happen!

So the injury seems to be getting better but I wanted to take it easy. Did in total about 6 miles. First 2 miles were at 6.2 miles/hr and then did 1 mile@6.3, 1 mile@ 6.4, 1 mile@7.0 and then the last mile@8.5miles/hr. Almost slipped while on the treadmill. While watching tv, i started to drift off to the side and the next thing I know I'm grabbing the side rail cause my shoe was half on the treadmill and half off. Oh well. With 7 months of treadmill rust, I suppose it was bound to happen.

Still ouch...

on Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 10:22 PM

Didn't get around to doing the 6 miles I had planned last Thursday. I tried to do 6 miles on Friday but could sense that the foot was still not right so i cut it short to 3 miles. Didn't run on the weekend. The tenderness on the inside of my leg is gone so i couldn't understand why the foot was still giving me problems. I started feeling around a bit more and noticed another tenderness on the outside of my leg which was really painful if i massaged it.

According to a reference book i have, it was the Peroneus Brevis muscle. Punched that into google and up pops this page on inflammation of the muscle and the picture to the right. The website says that symptoms are pain at the attachment point at the bottom of my foot (where the box is) which happens to be exactly where i have my pain so i'm pretty sure that inflamaton of this muscle is what i have. I'm going to try some ultrasound on it to see if that helps.

Oh here's an interesting invention. A treadmill .... on wheels. Somehow, this doesn't seem like such a great idea.

Youtube link


on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 10:47 PM

I've only run once since my last post which was 5 miles on Saturday. I was supposed to do 6 miles, but the bottom of my right foot was giving me pain. It was on the outside part of my lower footand I could not continue running after 5 miles so i walked the last mile home. Never had that feeling before. I got home and started feeling around my leg and noticed that my calf was really sensitive. in fact, it feels like it was in the same spot that I had back in the winter/spring of 2007 that sidetracked me for a while. That pain was in my left leg while this was in my right leg. It might be a trigger point and so I've been giving myself painful massages the past couple of days and it seems to be getting better. I'm going to try a short run tomorrow to test it out.

Contemplating races...

on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 9:11 PM

So let's see.  Last week I didn't run at all and this week I did about 9 miles on Tuesday and 6 miles yesterday.  I'll going to try and put in maintenance mileage over the next month or so.  Boston training would start in December, but i have no desire to try and run a PR at Boston.  In fact, I'm going to aim for a personal worse time, just to force myself to enjoy the experience.  In the process of doing that,  I don't want to feel too miserable so i have to be in some kinda marathon shape.  Competing interests?  Yeah, probably.  

I'm giving serious thought of racing the Around the Bay road race which is 3 weeks before Boston.  it would force me to train and sludge through another winter of training and peak for a fairly long distance and then i could comfortably run Boston a few weeks later.  I'm also trying to figure out what other races I might want to do next year.  I noticed in Runner's World an ad for the Kauai marathon  in Hawaii next year.  It's a first time event and happens to be on my birthday.  that would be fun to do.  I think I'll probably enter the lottery for NY and try my luck at that.  I'd like to try and complete the 5 marathon majors at some point in my running career so it's better to start now then later.  

Niagara Half Pace Rabbit Report

on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 8:05 AM

So the night before the race didn't go too well. Went to bed at around 11:00pm and set the alarm clock for 6:30. Unfortunately at 3:30am in the morning, the people in the room next to mine decided that they were going to start playing loud music. Actually, it kinda was good, cause i ended up waking up and surfing the net a bit when i noticed the clock on my computer read 4:30. I then realized that the clock radio in my hotel room was actually an hour slow, and I would have woken up an hour later if they hadn't been playing that music. World works in funny ways.

Headed down to the buses which transported us to the start-line and arrived at the start line at around 8:30. Start time was at 10:00am. I kept to myself for the next hour or so. I wasn't wearing my bunny ears and my shirt was covered up so other than the 2 hour sign, i didn't really stick out as a bunny. With about half an hour to go, i figured I should probably make myself a bit more visible in case people had questions. I met up with the 2:15 pace bunny, put on my hat and uncovered the shirt and we jsut kind of hung around answering questions of people that would ask. With about 15 minutes to go I headed off the drop off my bag and do a quick warm-up. Positioned myself in the start corrals with about 5 minutes to go then we were off.

I was carrying the 2 hour sign and had decided I would try and carry it with me for the whole race. This was a bit awkward as I had a bottle of gatorade with me also. First technical problem was encountered about 1 minute into the race. My HR monitor began to slip down off my chest. I tried to yank it back up, but with the damn sign and the bottle of gatorade, it was a bit too difficult. Someone asked me if I wanted them to hold the sign for me, but i being too proud said no. I ended up just yanking the HR monitor strap off and shoving it into my pocket.

Running portion was supposed to be at 8:45 pace, but i ended up hitting the first mile marker at 8:34 which was a bit fast. I had to do 10 and 1's and i'd configured my garmin to do the 10 and 1 thing. About 15 seconds before each split I would yell out that we were walking (running) in 15 seconds. That way it would give a bit of a heads up to people that weren't intending on walking so they wouldn't plow into the back of people. During the first walk break, i surveyed the people around and had about 20 people with me.

By the two mile marker, I had ended up banking about 25 seconds which was a bit fast. I then proceed to slow down a bit over the next few miles to bleed some of the banked time off when I then encountered my second technical problem which was my garmin went all screwy. If you check out the Garmin Route you can see a portion at around the 116 route marker where it appears that the course juts away from the river. Well, the course doesn't actually do that. If you check out the split times, garmin thinks I was averaging 4 minute miles for both the walking and running portions during this stretch. With the incorrect information, I basically was running blind. I couldn't rely on HR to judge pace cause I had taken it off and I just ended up trying to run a comfortable pace. I finally realized that i probably wasn't getting a good satellite lock. I was wearing the garmin on my right hand, but was running on the left side of the road. I was doing this to avoid the aid stations since I had my own gatorade bottle and didn't want to get in people's way. However, I had a bunch of people bunching up around me to the right that were probably blocking the satellite signal so i decided to switch to running on the right hand side of the road which allowed me to get a better satellite signal and the garmin started working again.

Up until this point, I had been drinking some gatorade every time I would walk. The gatorade bottle i was using was the ones with the twisty cap which I've used in the past and really like as it's easy to open and close. However, today the gotaorade bottle i was using must have had a defective cap cause after some time, the twisting action wouldn't work. So a little over halfway through the race, I ended up having to dump the bottle and rely on the aid stations. The water tasted nasty. The aid stations were actually pretty good otherwise as they were manned by some pretty enthusiastic people. Most had screaming cheerleaders and high school kids.

By about the 7 mile marker I was withing 15 seconds of where I should have been at each split and with the garmin working again, i was able to settle into a nice rhythm. i ended up chatting with one very talkative lady from Winnipeg who was in toronto visiting her son and deicded to sign up for the half at the last minute. She said she is mostly a marathoner having most recently done twin cities. I mentioned to her that I was thinking of doing that eventually and we ended up swapping stories of marathons for a little while. It was kinda funny passing people cause they would start swearing when i pulled up beside them. I guess they had a hidden goal of sub-2 hours and when i pulled up, they realized it wasn't going to be.

So getting towards the end, most of the group that I started with were still around and with a downhill portion coming up and most of the people ended up taking off. As mentioned, I ended up finishing at 1:59:46 which was pretty good. I handed off the 2 hour pace sign to one of the group that thanked me afterwards for getting her to sub 2 hours. I was thinking of giving her the hat too, but figured it would be a bit gross with my sweat all in it and such.

So the weather generally co-operated. There was no rain and there was a cross-wind for most of the race and a bit of a head wind at the end. This certainly was fun. I'm thinking it might be fun to try and pace a full since i've never really taken it easy for an entire length of a marathon.