Taper Update

on Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 8:32 AM

Wednesday: 7 miles with 8 strides. Overall pace including strides was around 8:20

Friday: 5 miles recovery including 6 strides: Overall pace was around 9:10.

So I felt lethargic yesterday for my run, but I guess I'm supposed to feel that way. I've got all these nagging little pains in my muscles and I've been diligently trying to massage the knots out. I've got this really big knot (or something) in my Achilles tendon or thereabouts. I can actually physically feel a lump there and it hurts when I try to massage it. It seems to be getting better with each passing day though. My knee seems to be fine, but the muscles/tendons surrounding my knee feel a bit sore. I've been trying to massage and ice them these past few days. I have one last ART appointment next Tuesday where he's going to give me one last treatment on the legs.

I've been pretty good at cutting back on calories and not eating junk food. It's amazing the smaller portions that I'm eating these days. It's just about one week before the marathon which means it's "get a haircut even if I don't need one" day. Will do that in a couple of hours.

As for the weather for next Sunday, it's still looking okay temperature wise (touch wood) with a low overnight of 13C and a high for Sunday of 16C which seems just about perfect. One potential issue is the wind which is showing 14km/hr overnight and 28 km/hr for the day. I'm not exactly sure if this is a lot of wind, but I would much prefer to see single digits. The good thing seems to be that it's coming from the S and the WSW which means I would only have to be running into it for the first part of the race. Hopefully they'll be enough people around so I can draft off of others.


Stephen said...

I'll be rooting for you next weekend!

yumke said...

What's your marathon pace? 4:30Ks? I'd offer to pace you for the bit that we run together :)

Are you going to run with a pace group?

Fran said...

Yep, 4:30's is my target. The plan right now is to run with the 3:10 pace group. I'm hoping that if there are enough people I can draft off of some of the others.

Thanks for the offer of the pacing. If you're going for a 1:35 half, we'll probably be in the same pace group anyways. I was reading on the website that they've introduced Chicago style corrals which should make it easier to find the pace groups.

Hopefully I'll see you and Jelly there!

yumke said...

I'm sure there will be enough of them in there. I'm gunning for a faster than 1:35 half, but I think I want to test out the second half rather than speeding through the whole thing..

Yes, hope to see you there. i'm worried about the early start cause I prefer running with my shades, but it'll be dark out...