Indulgence and Game Plan

on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 8:10 PM

No running today.

So I was downtown for a work related thing and got out early. A co-worker was raving about a ridiculously priced $37 dollar burger at a certain restaurant downtown. Since I've been pretty good about not spending money this taper I thought I would indulge myself and then eat healthy for the rest of the week. Burger was nice I guess, but tasted different because of the brie cheese and the truffles. Quite a thick beef patty. Even though I asked for it medium, the patty was so thick that I think the inner portion of it was close to being rare. Hopefully no E.coli was present.

Not worth the money IMHO. Total damage (including tax and tip) for the burger, a small thingy of fries and 2 iced teas, $60. I guess the addition of exotic ingredients makes it okay to charge the extra amount if you like that sort of thing, but I don't think it really adds much to the taste. I'm sure the burger would be just as good and much cheaper if it didn't have all those fancy things in there.

So contemplating the game plan for race day is pretty straight forward. They say you're supposed to set three goals with one of them being realistic. I can only really think of two goals. Ultimate goal is a Boston qualifying time, backup goal is to set a PR and beat my Chicago time of last year.

1) 3:10:59 (BQ)
2) 3:17:04 (PR)

I'd put a third goal in that was achievable, but if I'm being perfectly honest, I would be severely disappointed if I wasn't able to at least set a PR since I'm pretty sure that I'm faster than I was last year. In the end, it'll probably be a Boston or Bust thing where I either BQ or go down in flames trying.

As for the race day weather update, the low overnight is now 12C with the high for the day of 22C. The high is up from the last forecast. Good thing however is that the wind is down to only 8km/hr which is good. If you think my paranoia about the weather is bad now, wait till Friday when they start posting the hourly forecasts for Sunday!


Stephen said...

Live it up baby... You deserve it!


Audrey said...


and that is one crazy burger!!

yumke said...

I've been curious about that Bymark burger. Now I know i don't have to have it :)

I hear you on the hourly weather reports. I'd do exactly the same thing.

jellypepper said...

Agree the burger is overrated (though the grilled cheese is apparently a little more memorable). I'll take Harvey's or Lick's any day.

Four days. Wow.

Sonia said...

You are so going to do this!!!!! =) I cannot believe there is only one more week to go! I am so excited for you =) Go get that BQ!

Perry said...

The most anxious time of the training...that week before the marathon. You're going to do great.

My three goals in a marathon are always

1. BQ: 3:15:59
2. PR: 3:22:44
3. Beat my little, faster brother or sister.

Ya know, it's tradition for me that I get a big burger right after a marathon. What are you going to eat after?

jen said...

Boston or Bust baby!! I like it. I truly believe you can do it- I mean your training and race times, and your previous marathon experiences, all point to BQ. It is going to take an act of God to slow you down! I know shit happens, but you gotta go for it. I'm sending *perfect weather* vibes up your way! :)

Fran said...

Thanks all!

Lobster Grilled Cheese?! Hmm maybe next time.

I have no idea what I'll be eating after but it will definitely involve either a lot of sugar or a lot of fat/grease.