Stuffing My Face.

on Friday, September 14, 2007 at 6:48 PM

I did about 4 miles recovery including 6 strides this morning. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do for my tune-up race tomorrow. Part of me wants to try and see if I can reach the McMillan predicted equivalent time for a 10k of 40:42 that is equivalent to a 3:10:59 marathon time, but another part of me wants to do a LT run, just to squeeze one last one in prior to the marathon. The 10k option is going to involve me running 25 laps around a track so it's not going to be the funnest thing to do, but there won't be any hills and I'll be able to get pacing feedback every 400m so it'll be a good test of my fitness.

As to your questions, I have no idea who that kid is in the picture. He was at the finish line handing out medals and since he was so small, I had to get down on one knee so he could put it around my neck. While kneeling the camera guy asked to take a picture which I naturally obliged to. I wasn't trying to represent that I knew the little guy. This actually reminds me of something that happened last year with this same event with respect to this picture. Apparently one of my co-worker found it and posted it on the fridge at work and a rumour started that she was my finance. I have no idea who started the rumour and it was kinda funny when people in the halls would congratulate me and start asking me about wedding plans and things. I have no idea who she is either.

Oh yeah, I've been wanting to eat healthy during this taper, but I kinda fell off the wagon and consumed half a bag of a Costco pack of chocolate covered almonds yesterday. So yummy, but so not good for me. I started trying to calculate how many fat calories I had eaten and how much I would have to run to burn it off and it wasn't pretty.


Cuckoo said...

Yum! Almonds are good for you, and so is chocolate... it has antioxidants in it :)

Stephen said...

Go ahead....Live a little.
You're too skinny as it is ;)