Cats and Dogs

on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 11:27 PM

Did 5 miles including strides yesterday.

Did 10 miles including 4x1200m @ 5k pace this morning.

Lap Time Pace
04:45.7 06:23.2
04:47.5 06:25.6
04:48.3 06:26.6
04:46.8 06:24.6

Did 3 miles to the local track as warm up. It had rained overnight and so was relatively refreshing. It also meant that the track had puddles of water that didn't bother me too much though it meant kicking up water into my shorts which got heavy by the time of the last interval. Nice thing is that I had the track to myself. Normally there are others who I would term regulars. With no one there, I took the opportunity to run the intervals in the opposite direction to try and mix things up a bit. Afterwards headed home at long run pace just as it started to rain. The rain just kept coming down harder and by the time I arrived home, it was in full cats and dogs mode. I kinda enjoyed running in the rain since I haven't had the opportunity to do that this year and I found it was refreshingly cool. My shoes however were throughly
soaked. I'm hoping that they don't shrink so i can get through my 20 mile run on the weekend.


jen said...

Running in the rain sounds nice. :) Spoken like a true sick-of-the-heat runner! Great pace on your intervals- wow.

Love the Run, Fatboy, Run video! I have got to see that! :D