4 days and counting...

on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 7:54 PM

Did 7 miles with 2 @ marathon pace this morning. Had to get up early and head up while it was still dark. Ran to the track since I figured to do the marathon pace portion around it and that would allow me to get some pacing feedback ever 400m.

Unfortunately since it was still dark, I couldn't actually see what my watch was saying unless I hit the light button and I didn't realize that my HR monitor went all crazy just before I started the MP portion. The HR data is pretty much useless except for the last two laps where it seemed to start working again. 7:15 pace is around 1:48 per 400m lap so that was the target.


So I was a bit slow for some of them which is okay. I didn't like where my HR was for the last two laps since these were done at a HR of 177 which is way too high. I can only hope that it was a result of the warmer temperature and the fact that I was a bit dehydrated and still half asleep.

This past spring I picked up a 3:10 pace band at the expo of the half marathon I did and I've had it posted on my cork board at work just to provide me with a daily reminder of what the target main goal was. I only really looked at it today and noticed that the split times aren't right. Apparently the pace band expects me me to travel backwards in time between miles 24 and 25. Hopefully the expo this time around will have more accurate pace bands this time!


AddictedToEndorphins said...

That will come in handy for your upcoming race! Are you going to meet John Stanton at the Running Room??

Good luck on Sunday! Im sure you'll meet your goal, as your training seems very consistent. Ill be looking forward to reading the race report!

LeahC said...

good luck at your race!

have you used pace bands before? I had one at the chicago marathon last year and I had a tough time reading off the little numbers at each mile....maybe I need glasses (I dont think so) but it was hard to focus. You might want to make your own and then just put the times down for each 5 miles split....or whatever. or maybe just highlight the 5 mile markers or something.

Sonia said...

I've made one pace bands on this website last May for my marathon:


and it was great, very easy to read. I just put scotch tape on so that it was sweat and water proof....


Stephen said...


Do you have to travel very far?


jen said...

I dont' think the Boston Athletic Assoc. accepts time travel-based results. :P

Def get a new one, and I agree w/ Leahc they can be hard to read. I had a Clif Bar Pace band once that did have every 5 mile split highlighted, which was cool. You'll be fine though.

Great job on the workout and hope you're staying relaxed and happy. :)

Fran said...

No plans on meeting Stanton. I've actually met him before. I was actually hoping to see Bart Yasso talk.

I've used pace bands before and I agree they are tough to read but I've always used them in the past so it's almost more of a comfort thing.

Not much traveling for me. It's about a 30 minute drive for me to the race start.