on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 9:25 PM

Did 8 miles with 3x1600m at 5k pace this morning. The plan called for 7 miles including 8 strides but for some reason, when I left this morning I thought that today was interval day. By the time I got to the track, I had this nagging feeling that maybe i wasn't supposed to do intervals cause I was remembering that Pfitz usually has the longer VO2Max intervals the day after a short General Aeorbic run with strides and yesterday was a rest day. I ended up jogging around the track a couple of times trying to decide whether I should do the intervals or not. I ended up doing the intervals since I had no idea what the plan actually called for and it was a nice cool and non-windy morning. I'm going to do the strides and the 7 miler tomorrow.

Lap Time HR Max
06:13.2 185
06:23.2 222
06:19.7 186

I wanted to target these at around 6:20 pace or so which is about 15 seconds per mile faster than i did last year. The first was a bit too fast. I ended up having to do walking recoveries of 200m which ended up being about 2:20 worth of rest. HR monitor went crazy on the 2nd interval. Still not sure if it's the monitor or if it's me.

This marks the end of the tough workouts. It's just general aerobic/recoveries and one 2 mile MP run left until race day!

I still have my doubts as to weather a 3:10:59 is possible on race day. I've been reading a lot about tapers and there are some studies that indicate that it can increase performance by a couple of percent. Here's to hoping that couple of percent come in handy!


yumke said...

Wow! 11 days to go..

jen said...

Smokin' splits! I can't believe you switched your workouts on accident, that's funny. :D The taper is messing with your brain.

The taper is going to do wonders for your legs- you are fast to begin with, but well rested too? Look out!

Now is the time for relaxation and positive thinking (as in: BOSTON OR BUST). You have to go for it. I believe in you. :)

L*I*S*A said...

I'll bet you gain those couple of percent and then some.

Sonia said...

Almost there!! Doubts are good, they make you push yourself. Enjoy the taper!!! =)