Training Update. Sept 22- Sept 24

on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 10:26 PM

Friday :
Did 4 miles recovery with 6 strides. Used the garmin for the first time on a run. Pretty cool.

Pfitz has planned a tune-up race for today. There really wasn't anything nearby within a reasonable driving distance so I did a Yasso 800's workout. For those that don't know, yasso 800's are designed that depending on how long you can do 10x800m intervals in minutes:seconds will equal your marathon distance in hours:minutes. Thus if you can do 10x800 in 3:30 with 3:30 recoverys then you can do a 3:30 marathon. My goal was to do them in 3:15 since McMillan says that Yasso 800's overpredict your race time by 5 minutes which would put me in line with a 3:20 marathon finish.

Split times and HR were:


All I can say is that those things are torture. Basically take how you feel at the end of a 5k race and then repeat it 5 times. Crap those things hurt. My HR maxed out at 190. I had planned on trying to go all out on the very last 200m of the session to see how high I could get the HR, but I was sucking wind so bad that I couldn't force myself to run faster.

I went down to watch the Scotiabank marathon today and had a 17 mile run scheduled for after it. I did about 18.5 miles. I ended up trying a new route today that was far hiller than I'm used to. Not sure of pace, but I would guess that most of it was done at slightly less than 9 min/miles with portions at 8:15 or so. Hard to tell because of the hills. I was quite sore afterwards and very hungry. I ate two Burger King combos and was still hungry.


jellypepper said...

Good work this weekend!
Oh food. Listen, me and Yumke and Frankie went for brunch after the race. I had an entree and two sides. Yumke too. Frankie, who ran 18mi, had two entrees. I think we could've eaten more if we stuck around and the service wasn't so bad.

yumke said...

Yum. Burger King.