Two 20 milers down, one to go

on Sunday, September 3, 2006 at 3:44 PM

Thursday: Did 12 miles General Aerobic Running @ 8:30min/miles.

Saturday: Did 5 miles recovery

Today: Pfitz has 20 miles scheduled for today. I got up at about 6:30 this morning and after having Ernesto dump rain on us all day Saturday, I looked outside to only see more rain. I was dreading the thought of doing 20 miles in the rain. It was still early so I thought that I would go join the Running Room group today since misery loves company and they were scheduled to do 20 miles today also. So I head over to the store at 8:30 and walk in and notice the signs for the walkers, 5k, 10k and half groups. Hmm no marathon group. I ask the lady behind the counter about the marathon group and she tells me that they already left. It seems that lately because of the heat, they've been starting their runs at 7:30 in the morning. Crap. I thought that since I was already there, I would just grab a route map and do it myself, but not knowing the locations of pit stops was going to be a problem so I'd rather be with a group that's done it before. I then thought about joining the half group but they were only doing 16k which is only half the distance I was going. I would basically have to run another 16k by myself. In the end, I jsut decided to go back home where I could do a 20 mile route that I was familiar with. It seemed to work out okay in the end since it stopped raining at about 10am which meant I was relatively dry for most of the run whereas I would have been drenched if I had started earlier.

This was the last long run of the endurance phase of Pfitz' training plan. I've noticed over the past few weeks that my pace for my long runs has been creeping up slowly. With the speed work and races phase now beginning I thought it would be good to try and run this at a pace slower than I've been doing lately at 9 min/miles to concentrate on building some endurance since it looks like I won't be able to do this again for a couple of weeks. 20.7 miles done. Only one more 20 mile run to do. This was a 56 mile week which is the highest mileage week that Pfitz has planned. It's all downhill from here. yah!!

By the way, I found out what movies I'm going to see at the film festival. I picked 20 films and only ended up getting 17. They have a lottery system set up to distribute tickets and I was unlucky this year. 75% of the people in the lottery were ahead of me. I have to stand in line tomorrow for what I expect to be three hours to try and use up my last three tickets. Oh joy!!


yumke said...

Good work, but that is a huge bummer that you went to the RR to find that they had left.. oh well. karma.

Sonia said...

Hey there! Congrats on the 20 miler! Too bad you missed the group but at least you've escaped the rain!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the outstanding week. Amazing to cover this much distance, with relative ease. Great work.

- Ryan

jellypepper said...

Outstanding work! Too bad about the RR, but you did good.

What are your 17 films? Hope the lineup wasn't really 3hours long.

Arcaner said...

Thanks for the comments.

The line-up wasn't 3 hours long. It was 3 and a half hours long!! I'll post the list in an upcoming entry.