Training Update

on Monday, September 11, 2006 at 8:34 AM

Friday. Did 4 miles with 6 strides on in preparation for race.

Saturday: Did half marathon race. Final time of 1:35:04. Race details to come.

Sunday: Did 15 miles at a slow pace.

Today: Rest as I'm sore as hell.

I was thinking of backing off the training a bit this week. I'm considering skipping the VO2Max portion of Wednesday's workout since my lower calfs, shins and ankle are tight and sore. Hopefully all my legs need are a good rest day.

I purchased my current shoes back at the end of July, though only started using them full time a few weeks ago. I purchased them cause I was looking for a shoe with a bit more longevity than my previous favourite shoe the Brooks Adrenaline. I had hoped that the Saucony's would at least last me till the taper which is still about 3 weeks away so I was disappointed to see that the rubber on the heel of one of the Sauconys is starting to wear to the point that the soft spongy material underneath is exposed. I really liked the shoe. it was quite comfortable and didn't give me any blister issues at all even when wet. The wear is only very brief at the moment and I'll try and stretch it out for another two weeks. But it looks like I'm going to have to buy two new pairs of shoes soon. One to finish the training and one for race day since I like to run a marathon with a pair of shoes with about 50 miles on them. I'm haven't decided what shoes to buy yet as I like the fit of the Sauconys but the Adrenalines seem to get better wear and are a tad ligher.