Scotiabank Marathon pictures.

on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 10:47 PM

I camped myself out on a bridge and took some pictures at the Scotiabank marathon.

Elites racing!

Ed Whitlock. 75 year old marathoner who did 3:08:34.5

Michal the joggler who set a new record for juggling (2:57:52.2 gun time) while running a marathon.

Blogland's very own Joggler Perry!


yumke said...

Great pics, love the one with the elites! and I ran behind perry for a spell!

Anonymous said...

Im sure you'll be part of that elite pact soon.

Sonia said...

Nice pics, I still don't understand how they can juggle and run.... mystery!

Lisa said...

I'm amazed at the jugglers and how they can run a marathon so darned fast!

Perry said...

Those are some great shots. Thanks! I thought I heard someone call out my name around mile 8 or 9. I tried to look over and smile but the sun was brutal and I nearly had a drop.

I still can't understand how someone can run a marathon in 2:10. Now that is crazy!

Just Your Average Joggler

Perry, 44

Incidentally, when are you going to joggle a race?