Quick Update

on Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 8:14 AM

Gonna try and squeeze in 6 movies today. I've tried to do this in the past with very little success as I end up sleeping through portions of the movies. I'm guessing that today will be no different.

Friday: Did 11.5 miles. Was supposed to do 12. Had to cut the run short due to GI problems. Eating nothing but junk food and hot dogs the day before didn't sit well with my stomach. Run was tough. My runs have been feeling pretty crappy lately. Not sure of my pace. since I had to move the footpod around on my shoe since it was cutting into the shoelaces and I didn't get a chance to recalibrate. Polar says I was doing 10 min/miles which I'm pretty sure is wrong.

Today: Did 5 miles recovery.

Tomorrow: I have planned 17 miles with 14 miles at marathon pace which at the moment is 7:45min/miles. I'm worried about this considering my crappy runs this past week and that I somehow have to squeeze in a carboload somewhere between my 6 movies today. Will see what happens.


steve said...

WOW....That's a lot of movies to review ( I guess)

I had no idea that the Chicago Marathon is the 3rd largest in the country.

jellypepper said...

Does popcorn count as carboloading? Probably not. Okay, better find some pasta or rice before Sheitan!

Sonia said...

I hope the movies were good! Good for you for keeping at running! Seriously you've only missed 1 run that's nothing! =)