Film Festival and Training

on Monday, September 4, 2006 at 9:34 PM

I was downtown at 7:30am this morning to line-up to pick-up my tickets, even though I already knew what movies I had. The box-office opens at 10:00am.  Why would someone line-up for 2.5 hours to pick up tickets, you ask?  Well it's not the line-up to pick up tickets that I (as well as everyone else that was down there) were worried about, it's the second line-up that forms for people wanting to exchange tickets that one is trying to avoid.  The only way you can get into that line, is if you have first have your tickets.  In total, for the two lines, I ended up waiting a little over 3.5 hours.  That's actually pretty good.  Last year, I think I must have waited 5 to 6  hours.

I ended up getting 17 of the 20 movies I chose and ended up picking up tickets to 2 others for a total of 19 tickets. I also have one voucher for another movie.  I'll play it by ear as to what I'll use the last ticket for.

I missed three movies that I wanted to see being BabelLittle Children and The Last Kiss.  These three movies are coming out in theathres so it's no big problem.  I generally won't pick movies that are coming out in theatres but Babel and Little Children are generating a lot of buzz as being Oscar material.  In addition, another reason to see these at the festival is that the director and the cast usually will come out to support the movie so it's a chance to see movie stars.

I decided to take off 2 days being Monday the 11th and Thursday the 14th.  I ended up picking movies to try and accomodate my training schedule which includes a half marathon race (maybe) this Saturday and a 17 mile long run the day after. 

So without further delay, here is the movie and training schdule.

Friday, September 8
4 mile recovery run w/ 6 strides in the morning
6:45 pm   7 ans

Saturday, September 9
half marathon @ 10:30am
3:45pm    Fido
6:00pm   Cages

Sunday, September 10
17 mile (maybe shorter) long run in the morning
3:00pm   Pan's Labyrinth
6:15pm   The Killer Within
9:00pm   Shortbus

Monday, September 11
Rest day
11:45am   Shame
2:45pm   All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
6:30pm   True North
8:30pm   Out Of The Blue

Thursday, September 14
Rest day
9:30am   This is England
12:00pm  Black Book
3:00pm   The Fountain
6:00pm   Snow Cake

Saturday, September 16
5 mile recovery
9:30am  Exiled
12:00pm  The Banquet
3:30pm   Severance
6:15pm   Big Bang Love, Juvenile A
11:59pm  Sheitan

I have a 17 mile run with 14@ marathon pace scheduled on the 17th which shouldn't be too bad if I sleep in.  

The TIFF website has a list of bloggers who are writing about the film festival.   I wonder if I should add myself to that list.  Hmm then I would probably be expected to write reviews for all the movies.  Nahh. 

I noticed that in one of the blogs, someone posted a picture of the lineup.  I'm actually in this picture.  Can you guess where??  (Where's waldo indeed)


Sonia said...


That's a lot of movies!! That last day you're gonna be in the theatre for more than 12h!!

Which half-marathon are you participating in? Congrats on the 20 miler too =)

Love2Run said...

Running and movies, thats a new combination for me. Good luck at not getting too stiff or downing too much junk food!

Audrey said...

I will say that when people ask my hobbies I say: sports, movies, etc.

BUT, you win. You love movies more. A lot more! Enjoy!

yumke said...

I'm impressed. I hope the seats at the theatres are comfortable enough for that much sitting down..

Arcaner said...

sonia: I'm thinking of doing the port perry half marathon, but only if it's not raining. Forecast says 40% chance of rain. I'll probably decide tomorrow.