5 weeks to go training update

on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 8:35 PM

Did 8 miles including a VO2Max workout of 5x600m. Split times are:


These were done slightly slower than the last time I did this workout. But realizing that these things are going to get pushed to 1200m and then 1600m, I thought it would be best to get used to the 5k race pace that Pftiz says I should be running these at. My HR was way down for these things compared to last time which could mean that I'm improving, but it could also be due to the fact it was cooler or that I ran these slower.

Did 11 miles at a little over 8:30 pace. I've been running lately in my Sauconys again which I had thought last week were basically worn through. Thinking about it a bit more it didn't make sense. I had jsut run a half and done a 15 mile long run with no shin problems in them and then all of a sudden I do some track intervals and my shins were screaming. So I tried a recovery run in them last Saturday with no shin problems and I've been using the Sauconys since (including the marathon pace run on Sunday). The heel on the left shoe is still worn down, but I've been trying not to heel strike so much and I think that by doing this it's improving my form allowing me to run faster. I think that by switching between the sauconys and my old Adrenalines, I should be able to stretch them out till the taper where I'll start using my marathon day shoes.

As for my marathon shoes, I headed to the running store after work today to try and buy them. I've decided that I'll be running in the Brooks Adrenalines. They didn't have my size though. I did however buy some new Powergels to see what they taste like and if they can be dispensed from the packet easier than the old one. I've gotten use to the Gu's now which I've been using lately, but think that the powergels might be better for me since they have more sodium in them. I also bought ..... a GARMIN. Okay it's not the fancy 205 or 305, but is the cheap Forerunner 101. It can't upload to a computer and it uses AAA batteries, but I've really been craving for something that will tell me how far I've gone that doesn't require me to recalibrate it every time I change shoes. Since I'm going to be swapping shoes more often now, it only made sense.


Josh said...

Welcome to the Garmin club ... and great workout! Oh, you're right by the way; it's from the movie Serenity (of course, based on the Firefly series)

yumke said...

Congrats on the Garmin. You'll love that little thing. I've worn mine every day of my training and i now kinda forget it's there (actually, no, i look down at it all the time)

Great to see you'll be cheering us on..! always a lack of spectators for that race

Ry said...

Congrats on the Garmin. Nice work on the VO2 max. Those are very nice splits.