VO2Max Workout

on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 8:47 PM

Did my first VO2Max workout for this training session today. By the end of my work day, it started raining. I considered going to the gym to do them on a treadmill, but how do you measure 600m on a treadmill that displays miles? It was only a slight drizzle so I ended up going to the track. Jogged over to the track which is about a mile away as a warmup and started in. The plan has 5x600m intervals at 5k race pace with 90 s jog recovery. I had planned on doing these at 6:45 min pace which translates into about 2:30 for each 600m split. Splits and HR chart are (including recovery times):


Lap Time










Not including the first one, they were all done at a fairly consistent split time of 2:24 which translates to just under 6:30 pace. Don't think I could have run much farther though. Looking ahead, I see that the plan calls for 1600m intervals during the taper. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to maintain this pace for those things. Got to slow down a bit next time. HR topped out at 186 during the last interval which I think is pretty good considering that it was only 5x600m intervals. I'm hoping that when I do the longer intervals, I can use these VO2Max sessions to get a good idea of my max HR.

For those doing Chicago, I'm sure that you've probably read the email about the course now being up on the website (if you haven't go look at the interactive one, it's cool) and the voting on the t-shirt. I don't know about you others, but I like design number 2 better. It is a bit "busy" in terms of the graphic but I think it would make a better marathon t-shirt that I'd be proud to wear. The other design looks okay, but rather bland by comparison.


Perry said...

Hey, I'll be doing the Chicago marathon too (a month after Toronto). I really like all the heart rate data you include. Keep up the good work.

Bob said...

Good job with the intervals. You just had to be a little faster then me didn't ya....bastard! :)

I agree with your assesment that there is a need to slow down when the intervals get longer but I don't see a problem running these where you are running them. Good work.

I liked the same design I thought the other looked like something from the seventies and grey and brown just don't do it for me. My guess is it will be a landslide.

E-Speed said...

I voted for number 2!

Ryan said...

Nice work on the Vo2. I didn't get mine in this week due to my travels.

Honestly, I thought that #2 looked a bit feminine!!

Allez said...

Cool chart!