8 miles general aerobic

on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 8:41 PM

After running in the evening for most of last week, I was eager to get back to doing my training in the morning.  Set the clock radio for 6am, but forgot to actually turn on the alarm, so i ended up sleeping in which meant I had to (and will have to) do my runs in the evening this week.

Today was 8 miles.  It was fairly anti-climatic after having just run 30km at marathon pace on the weekend.  My legs today were kind of lethargic and my left knee is slightly sore. 

After having fussed about my expected marathon pace last week, I'm currently now fussing about my 5k pace.  The reason is that tomorrow is the first VO2Max workout of this training session for me.   The training plan calls for 8 miles total which includes 5 sets of 600m intervals @ 5k race pace.  Fooling around with the McMillan Calculator, I think a reasonable goal is to try and do these at 6:45 min/miles.