Coolness continued.

on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 9:24 PM

Did 12 miles yesterday morning in the cool weather. Pace was much faster than normal and HR was way down. I'm not certain, but I think I could have probably done marathon pace at the upper end of my long run HR of 160 since I was averaging about 8:20 min/mile at a HR of less than 155.

The plan for tomorrow morning has 11 miles with 6 at LT pace. Forecast predicts 13C for the morning which is almost perfect running weather. I'm kinda worried about it though since I've never done 6 miles at LT pace in training before. I have done a 10k at a slightly faster pace, but when that was over, i was able to stop. After tomorrow's 6 miles at LT pace, I'm still going to have to run another 3 miles!

The Pfitz plan is tough this week since it has the 11 miles (with LT pace) tomorrow, a 5 mile recovery run on Saturday than a 20 mile long run on Sunday. This week's mileage is the 2nd most of the training plan and I'm surprised my body is still hanging on. Knock on wood.