Damn weather!

on Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 11:57 PM

I'm back from Houston. 4 mile recovery run scheduled today. Got up early at 6am hoping to use the gym at the St. Regis. Unfortunately they only had two treadmills and they were both occupied. Don't you just hate that! Thought about waiting around, but figured that if I was going to do 4 miles, there would be other people that would be waiting for me and would likewise be pissed off.

I checked outside and it was hot and humid, but there was a tad of a breeze, so i decided to chance it. Drank a bottle of water and headed out. I'm pretty used to recovery pace at around 10 min/mile so with no foot pod mesuring device, I took my old fashioned watch with two hands and thought I would head out for 20 minutes and then turn around and come back. There's a main road that runs by the hotel and so I thought if i stayed on that I would be fine. The problem I encountered though was that the street I was on didn't always have sidewalks and with the bushes, I really had to run close to the road. So i ended up detouring through some residential areas, just hoping that I wouldn't get lost. After 20 min, I stopped and turned around. Here is the route. A little over 2 miles one way which is just about perfect for my recovery pace.

Got back to the hotel and was dripping in sweat. My shirt, shorts and hair were just super damp. Here's a tip for you all. Don't wear grey shorts if you going to sweat a lot cause it shows quite a bit. I didn't want to actually go into the hotel cause I was afraid of dripping sweat all over the floors and carpet, so I ended up walking around out front trying to evaporate as much of the dampness as possible. One of the bell hops/vallet's was kind enough to offer me a bottle of water which I gladly accepted. After cooling down and strecthing a bit, I continued with the rest of my day.

Left Houston with no problem, and landed in Toronto with no problem. We had apparently just beat the thunderstorms in, but we must have been taxi-ing for about 15 minutes and when we pulled up to the gate, the T-storm had started which unfortunately means that the airport calls a red-alert and so the ground crews can't be outside and we can't disembark from the plane. We ended up spending 1.5 extra hours on the plane, about 100 feet from the gate just waiting for the damn weather to pass. The flight crew was telling us that if we had been 15 minutes behind schedule, we would have had to land in Cleveland instead. It was actually pretty interesting cause the pilot was allowing people into the cockpit to see what it looked like which is a rare occurence these days.