Film Festival

on Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 2:05 PM

Thursday:  Did 5 miles at recovery pace. 

Today:  Did 8 miles at GA pace with 8 strides. 

My left knee has been giving me some problems lately.  I think it may be an after affect of having gone out too hard and for too long last saturday.  Thank God this is a recovery week.   I've been walking around for a couple of days with a knee brace to give it some support, but don't know if it's helping any. 

I bought some ticket passes to the Toronto Film Festival.  I've done what they call the "Festival Pass" in years past where you get to watch up to 50 movies over the course of a little over a week and found that it really screwed up the training.  2 years ago, I skipped a week of training which caused me to suffer during my first marathon attempt.  i did the festival pass thing again last year, but I had started my taper by that time for a late september marathon so it worked out okay. 

This year I've already used up about half of my alloted vacation days for the year and I still have vacation days that I need to use for Chicago, but still wanting to partake in the festival, I'm going to take a 2 or 3 days off to see some movies.   The schedule's not out yet so I have no idea what movies I'm going to try and see or even what days I'm taking off.  We shall see!


jellypepper said...

I love the film fest.. i got a post coming up on that too because I've been wondering how I'm going to fit running into fest. Or is it fitting movies into the running schedule? My favorite series is Midnight Madness, hands down.

Arcaner said...

I like the MM movies too, but found it really beat me up when I had 5 films to see the following day.

There are a couple this year that look interesting. Hopefully they'll fit into my schedule.

Sonia said...

That's what I miss most about living in a big city: Festivals!! I study in Windsor now, but I am originally from Montreal.... I hope you guys both enjoy the film festival!

And Arcaner I hope your knee gets better. I will go to the Univ. sports centre and talk to a sports therapist tomorrow we'll see what he says about my knee...