Crappy Long Run

on Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 12:20 PM

So I had a crappy long run today. Supposed to be scheduled for 14 miles, but only ended up doing 12.5. After my MP run last week I thought that 14 would be a breeze. I got cocky and thought that I would try and tackle a hilly long run route which I haven't done at all this training session. Pfitz plan doesn't have any hill training which suits me just fine. i hate hill training. Anyways the combination of the hills, warm humid temperature, me not carboloading and the whole running in the morning after spending two weeks of running in the evening, led to a pretty sh?tty run where I was exhausted by the end of 12 miles.

Pfitz' plan has tune up races scheduled that start in two weeks. I've been looking at an 8km race that fits in quite nicely for the first tune up race, but I'd rather race a half which is also taking place on that day. I've heard that the half is a bit hilly which is why I tried to run some hills today. The half is a little more than what Pfitz recommends. He wants at most a 15km race and after reading Zeke's words of caution about racing a half while injured (my knee's giving me problems), i'm starting to think that the half may not be a good idea.


yumke said...

Too bad it was a crappy run. I did my 19 miler and today didn't even feel like doing 3 miles..

which half are you thinking about.. jelly and i are doing the scotia waterfront next month..

jellypepper said...

Sorry you had a bad run. Happens. But you'll bounce back. I hate hill training too. So. Much. Hope you have better running this week and that your knee doesn't act up.

That half I'm signed up for coincides with the week I'm supposed to do 14mi; I figure I'll use it like a training run and just see what running with the herd is like.

Frankie said...

Just make up for it next week! And for what it's worth, according to my running group leader, long runs in a drop back week are commonly considerd tough by some runners. The following is from his e-mail the day before our 24K run.

"I must still encourage you to respect the distance for this week's run. Speaking from experience, a number of people from last summer took this shorter run lightly and found it one of the more exhausting runs for them. 23K is still more than a half marathon. So, do the same prep as you normally would."