Tempo Friday

on Friday, August 11, 2006 at 11:33 PM

Did a tempo run this morning in the cool weather. 11 miles with 6 at LT pace. My splits for the 6 miles are:

Lap Lap Time Avg
3 07:41.7 159
4 07:30.3 167
5 07:23.0 170
6 07:25.5 170
7 07:21.5 172
8 07:16.1 171

I've had a tendency to start these LT things at too fast a pace which leads to a quick first mile. I tried to slow down my effort so that I would be on pace for the first mile, but as it turns out, it was a bit too slow. My HR has been way down the past couple of days and todays was no different. If you compare this to the LT I did 3 weeks ago or even the one I did last week in the super hot weather, my pace was a bit faster but my HR was way down. Todays tempeature was 13C which is close to the optimum marathon running temperature of 12C. I ended up picking up the pace throughout the run cause it didn't feel like I was doing tempo pace. As you can see, my HR rose and fell as I encountered hills which shows that I seem to partially recover during the run. I'm thinking that with the cooler weather coming that I should focus my pace for these things at 7:15 rather than the 7:30 that I currently am doing. Unfortunately Pfitz doesn't have another LT run for another 3 weeks so it'll be a while befor I can find out.


Steve said...

Will the Chicago Marathon be your first?

Arcaner said...

It will actually be my fourth. It'll be the first one that I have to travel somewhere to do though.