Too hot

on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 8:43 PM

I always used to run in the evening. That is until summer of last year when it would still be too hot outside after the sun went down to run. Last night reminded me why I force myself to get up in the morning to run. 10 pm and it was still 29C outside.

9 miles with 4 @ LT pace scheduled. Did my shopping mall mile route. Good thing too, cause Polar was way off in terms of pace.

Lap Lap Time Avg Dist min/mile
4 07:21.9 169 0.91 8:05
5 07:30.9 174 0.89 8:26
6 07:30.8 176 0.886 8:29
7 07:23.9 178 0.888 8:19

Lap times are mile splits whereas Polar thinks I was about .1 miles short each time so it reported a much slower pace. At least it was consistently wrong. Weird cause it seemed to be right on the money for the 2 mile warm up. HR was in the right zone. I'm hoping that over the next two months that my pace will improve at the same HR I'm doing now.

I also have the start of a nice fluid filled blister on one of my right toes. However, I won't disgust you with the details (or pictures).