The art of the bonk

on Sunday, July 2, 2006 at 12:16 PM

I finally decided to start following the Pfitz schedule for the long runs which required a 13 mile long run today. I ran a marathon in May and have ben doing longer long runs to keep up the endurance. I figured that todays run should be easy since I did a 16 mile long run last week. I didn't run with any gels, nor gatorade (only water) and didn't have any pre-run carb intake. I did it this way last week and thought that with three miles less I'd be fine. By the end, I was hurting.

Temperature was 25C degrees at the start and was probably closer to 30C by the time I finished. I had to stop several times, evidenced by the HR dips.

McMillian's says that one can train your body to increase the amount of fat utilisation by limiting carb intakes for some of your long runs. I suppose trying to do it every week is just not smart. It's a fine line between bonking and building fat utilisation. Oh well live and learn. A humbling experience in any event. I hope everyone's long runs went well this weekend.


Ryan said...

Glad you're on the Pfitz/55 plan as we're in the same boat.

Your polar upload is really cool! You went for the extra features and spent the money!

I've become religious about pre-run Gatorade and GU for all runs over 7-8 miles.

I just don't see the reason to NOT use Gels when you have to run over an hour. I find them so helpful.

Good run this week.

Running Rabbit said...

I need to possibly re-vamp my Hal Higdon training plan. I may need to pick your brain about Pfitz. I thought I had it all together, but then again...maybe not! Any insight?

Frankie said...

Well you finished the run and learned something from it as well. Not bad. Think we'll both be better prepared for next week's long run.