Pace vs. Heart Rate

on Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 10:50 PM

Went for a 4 mile recovery run this morning when it was 25C outside. Tried to keep the HR below 150, but after the first mile I could barely get it down to 150. My pace was probably around 10:30 min/miles which got me thinking of whether I should be training based on HR or on pace.

Pfitz gives recommendations for pace and for HR, but often times these things don't always match. Last summer, I bonked several times on long runs and looking back at it now, i realize my HR was way too high. I've been trying to train using HR this year, but it seems that it would result in extremely different paces depending on the weather. Should I just run the recommended long run pace of 10-20% slower than marathon pace or should I use the HR recommendation. Maybe both where I do the first half of the run based on pace and the second half on HR.

I'm going to try and get out early tomorrow for my 15 mile long run. It's supposed to be hot tomorrow.


Bob said...

I believe in blending both, some HR drift five beats or so is reasonable in my mind, hills, wind, heat. Some days you just need to run in the slow end of your zone, others you are able to stay right in the fast end.
I guess I feel that both are important indicators, training wise however I believe in using HR to help ensure I am trainig in the aerobic zone and not getting into the anerobic zone.