Happy Canada Day!!

on Saturday, July 1, 2006 at 12:21 PM


Just wanted to firstly wish a Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and Canadians at heart. Gonna put my Canadian Flag on my car today and shame all those drivers toting Non-Canadian world cup flags today.

Keeping in line with the training program, today was supposed to be a 5 mile recovery run which means that I'm supposed to keep my HR below 150. I slept in a bit and by the time I got out the door it was about 25C. Coupled with the blood donotion and the fact that i was PO that the battery in my foot pod for measuring distance was dying, I barely was able to average 150 though the second half of the run was probably closer to 155. With my foot pod not transmitting properly I don't have a nice funky graph of my pacing to show you nor do i have a measurement of how far I ran though I feel it was probably around 6 miles at about a 10:30 min/mile.

I saw something interesting yesterday while driving home from work and it's something I've always wanted to do. The light had just turned green and a car who was turning right was waiting for some pedestrians to cross. There was a guy in a SUV behind the car who started honking his horn for the guy in front of him to move. The guy in the car in front calmly put his car in park, got out of his car walked over to the driver side window of the SUV and proceeded to lecture the SUV driver on the potential hazzards of running over pedestrians. He then went back into his car and left. Good for him!! I've always wanted to do this to people who are impatiently honking their horns at me for no good reason, but never had the nerve. Instead of waiting the 10 or so seconds for the pedestraisn to cross, the SUV driver had to now wait another minute or so before he could move. Hopefully he'll think twice before he honks at someone again.

I just spent the last hour reading running blogs manually and realize that it's just not practical. I've gotta find me a good reader...


Audrey said...

I use Bloglines so I can recommend that-but in truth I have no experience with other readers so I have nothing to compare it to.

Welcome! (And after reading your first post I would say I totally agree. Some of my "real life" friends know about the blog which is kind of fun-they're very curious about it...but the more people who know the less I can write so I tend to limit who I tell :)

And Happy B-day Canada!