First Training Report

on Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 9:58 PM

Well here's my first training report. Did a little over 10 miles today in line with Pfitzinger 18/55 plan. Very nice weather for a run. Cool and a little breezy. It rained last night and so the air was a little damp but in a refreshing kind of way, not in a muggy way. Averaged pace of 8:48 min/mile at a HR of 155. Though towards the end I was just trying to keep my HR below 160 which is the upper end of my Pfitz long run HR.

On another note, I donated blood today. I used to give a lot, but since I started my marathon kick in 2004, I've decided that twice a year will have to do. Considering that it's almost half way through the year and I haven't given yet, I figured it was about time. It should leave me with enough time to recover for Chicago. Anyways the nurse gave me a weird look when my HR came up as 43. I tried to tell her that I run a lot, but apparently that wasn't a good enough explanation. I needed to say the magic words, "I am an athelete" and this suddenly made it okay. I don't generally consider myself an athelete, as I only picture those who take part in the olympics and earn their daily living doing sports to be atheletes. Anyways, the blood donation will make for a fairly interesting experiment as I'd like to see what my HR will be like this weekend during my recovery and long runs. I'll be sure to post a chart.

I was thinking of running a race this weekend. It's the Canada day long weekend and there is a 10k race to support Canadian atheletes. I ran a 10k a few weeks ago on a slightly undulating course and finished in a Pb of 45:25 when I was really hoping for sub 45. I was hoping to race this weekend and go sub 45 and this was partly the reason I was holding off on the blood donation, but I realized that 45 was just an arbitrary number that will probably be beating in the fall in any event, since Pfitz has me doing some tune-up races in the weeks leading up to the marathon.