Hello World!

on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 8:24 PM

adjective: known or knowable only to the initiate

Well it all starts here! I'm trying to motivate myself to train a little and thought it would be interesting to start a running blog. Only problem is that I didn't want to open up my training life to those that know me, especially those at work since when I undoubtably complain about work getting in the way of training, I won't feel to nervous to post about it. They already think I'm crazy because I run several times a week. So i thought the best way would be to try and be a little anonymous about it.

I’m currently training for the Chicago marathon to be held on October 22, 2006. It'll be my 4th marathon. I’m following Pete Pfitzinger’s 18 week and upto 55 mile program. I’m currently on week 2. And so the plan begins...


Bob said...

Welcome to blogland, there are a few of us following the Pfitz plan. As far as LT pacing goes Leah gave me good advice just try to run at a pace you feel like you could hold for an hour. I think I ran my first one a bit to fast. I am going to try and slow it down to 7:50 -8:00 next time.

Nice to be hope you find the support you are looking for, I sure have.

Running Rabbit said...

Take it from me who has learned this lesson the HARD way. Keep your blog private from work, family members, and certain friends! That way you can blog and bitch about anything you want work or family related!!

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing all about your training!

mg said...

Welcome! I'm also training for Chicago using the Pfitz/55.

runnergirl said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Good luck with your training!

yumke said...

Welcome to blog land. Must be more than a few Canadians training for Chicago (two of my friends and I are doin it...)

good luck and i'll be following..