Hot time, summer in the city!

on Sunday, July 9, 2006 at 12:27 PM

Took Friday and Saturday off to try and let my ankle recover. I can move it around with no pain, but if I rub the tendon, it hurts. I have to be extra careful when making sharp right turns while running so not to aggrevate it further.

14 miles scheduled for today. Weather forecast said high of 30C degrees today so in order to try and avoid the bonk of last week, I decided to get out early at 6:30am. Made sure to drink some gatorade before I left and also made sure that my water bottle was filled with it too.

My HR monitor was a bit screwy for the first mile. I had to stop to adjust it. Run felt pretty good. Much better than last week. I was feeling so good that I picked up the pace towards the end and did 1 mile at tempo pace. Total was 14.4 miles at an overall average of a little under 9min/miles.

There are a whole bunch of things taking place in the city today. The most significant being the Molson Grand Prix. There's also a street festival, Taste of Lawrence and if Italy wins the world Cup, they'll be a huge party in Little Italy. Of course, I have to go to work today, so I won't be able to see any of it. :(

I hope everyone's weekend was great!


Running Rabbit said...

14 miles on a hurt ankle...You inspire me!!

Ryan said...

Looks like you had a good run. Are you running earlier in the day or after it warms up? I did notice HR in the high 160's, but I am assuming that is incorrect?

Arcaner said...

RR: Thanks. Glad I inspired someone!

Ryan: I got out early. Well before it warmed up. The HR at the beginning that was high was due to bad contact. You can tell cause the line looks squarish or blocky which means that the monitor recorded the exact same HR for a period of time, unlike what it normally is when it fluctuates up and down. There's also a bit of an elevated HR at about lap 16 but that coincides with a hill which you can tell from the brown line which is an elevation chart.