15 miles, I think

on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 12:29 PM

After having a hard time yesterday trying to keep my HR down, I wanted to get out early this morning with an expected high of 35C. Didn't get out as early as I'd wanted but did start at around 7:15 with a relatively cool 21C temperature. Unfortunately had major technology problems today with the polar equipment.

Heart rate spiked during the first mile. I had the same problem last week and am starting to think that maybe the wearlink strap might need replacing. I've been using it for 2 years, so it's about that time, but haven't been able to find anywhere that sells just the strap. US online stores won't ship Polar equipment to Canada and Canadian mail order is ridculously expensive for the strap.

Also had problems with the foot pod as firstly the calibration was way off for the first 3 miles. I ended up recalibrating it at a track based on 4 laps, so the paces after that are relatively accurate, that is only when the foot pod wasn't crapping out and disconnecting. It was my fault of course. I had shoved a cheap dollar store battery in there last week since I didn't have any alkalines and I contemplated changing it this morning but figured I should be able to get at least one week out of the battery. I guess not. The thing really got crappy towards the end and I stopped to try and shake the battery to maybe squeeze a bit more out of the cheap chemicals in it, but it only made it worst. So, I ended up turning off the pace monitoring since the numbers were going to be useless.

Including the 4 lap calibration run (not recorded), I'm pretty sure I did at least 15 miles, but don't know exactly how much. Even though the temperature was on the warm side, there was a bit of a breeze that helped cool things off. I felt good after the run. Hopefully this means my body is adapting to the warm weather.

Week 4 of Pfitz 18/55 Complete. About 43 miles.


yumke said...

I hear ya.. My GPS went wonky in my run.. Thought I did 15 miles but it turned out to be 14... And on the heat, yup, out the door by 6:40.. I don't know how anyone can run in this heat, although as i was just walking outside now and it's 34 degrees, a guy was jogging by... no water, no hat...

Ryan said...

First, i'm ready to do the big "f- u" to the Polar equipment. My totally failed this weekend as well. My shoe pod is shot.

Anyhoo, outstanding run. You and I are on the same program. You did exactly the same mileage I did this week. Doesn't it feel great?