It's now official!

on Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 9:32 PM

Other than the training, I only had one last logistical thing that I had to do prior to the marathon and that was to book my flight which I did about 10 minutes ago.  So now I'm officially in and there's no turning back!

I decided early in training that I would decide on what marathon pace I would do, 1 month prior to the marathon which day happens to be tomorrow.  After my pace run last week, I was pretty okay with running at 7:45, but part of me now thinks I can go faster.  My recent half time suggests that 7:40 is doable based on the McMillan calculator and Daniels VDOT tables predict a 7:33 marathon pace.    I'm not sure what is reasonable.   I'm going to do a Yasso's 800 workout this Saturday and I'm going to try and aim for between 3:10 and 3:15 per 800m interval.  I'm also planning a 10k race on October 7 which I'm hoping to do in under 43 minutes.  If I can do both of these things, than I think 7:40 pace (possible a bit faster) will be my goal.  I'm pretty sure that the Daniels 7:33 pace is a bit too ambitious though.


Bob said...

I am struggling with pacing thoughts as well. Do your Yasso's and your 10k and my guess is they will confirm what you already know, your close.

My thought is I will go out the pace I know I can run from my MP run and my upcoming half. Then let the race and day dictate what I do from there. So go out at your 7:40 and then adjust from there.

Anonymous said...

Wow...The pressure's on now huh.

Call me crazy , but I think you'll set a new PR.