Half Marathon report

on Monday, September 11, 2006 at 9:10 AM

I did a Half Marathon on Saturday. Finish time of 1:35:04 which I'm elated with since I thought it would be tough for me to do 1:36:15 which McMillan says I should be able to do if I wanted to run a 3:23 marathon which represents the half way point between my current marathon PB and my BQ time. McMillan now says that I might be able to do a 3:20 marathon.

The weather did not start out great. About 5 minutes before the start of the race, it started raining. Thankfully it tappered off pretty quickly. The course is run on paved streets and mostly on country dirt roads which weren't too great after it had recently rained. At the end of the race, the back of my calves and shirt had mucky mud on them. The course has a few hills, but the part that was scarry were the MONSTER downhills (see elevation chart). I'm pretty good at picking up the pace and using gravity to glide down hills, but the downhills on this course were tricky. The ground was slightly wet to begin with and the few downhills were quite steep and long. I ended up having to consiously slow down going down these things cause I didn't think I could maintain the fast turnover and speed for the whole length of the downhill. I also decided to run with my HR monitor to give me some feedback on what my HR should be like running at LT pace. My HR was a bit high during the start of the race, topping out at 187 at one point but this was gradually brought down to under 180.

Contrary to what they said on their website, as it turns out they had markers at every km so I didn't need to use my polar foot pod. Here are the splits. (I missed one of the markers)

KM Lap Time Pace
KM Lap Time Pace
1 04:23.7 07:04.4
12 04:27.1 07:09.9
2 04:13.4 06:47.8
14(2km) 08:58.0 07:12.9
3 04:37.7 07:26.9
15 04:00.8 06:27.5
4 04:33.4 07:20.0
16 04:22.8 07:02.9
5 04:27.0 07:09.7
17 04:33.7 07:20.5
6 04:35.4 07:23.2
18 04:36.1 07:24.3
7 04:39.1 07:29.2
19 04:31.0 07:16.1
8 04:33.9 07:20.8
04:32.9 07:19.2
9 04:44.3 07:37.5
21 04:31.2 07:16.5
10 04:50.4 07:47.4

11 04:31.0 07:16.1
21.1 1:35:04 0:07:15

Average pace of 7:15 min/mile. I've made a lot of progress over the past year. My previous PB for the half which was set last November was 1:45. I also had an unofficial PB of 1:42:42 which I had set during the first half of a marathon in the spring which I also beat. The other neat thing is that this pace is actually faster than my pace for my PB in the 10k which was set the week before I started this training plan back in June! I have a 10km race planned for my final tune-up race on Oct 7, so it'll be interesting to see what I can do at that point!


Bob said...

Great race! It is so nice to have the work pay off at a race. I like your plan of cutting your BQ gap in half.

Steve said...

Holy S--T! 1:35 That's awesome.
Thats half the time that it would take me.
Great Job!

This weekend I met a few more people who are also doing the Chicago Marathon. A close friend Hansi Rigney will be doing it. She's a racewalker, but she also runs. A few months ago she came in First place in her age division ( she's 65) at the Boston Marathon. Her finish time was 3:46

Good luck on your continuing training!

Zeke said...

AWESOME. Congrats on the great PR. Looks like you're rounding into shape at the right time.

Sonia said...

Wow awesome time!!!

Congrats on the PB =)

yumke said...

Very nice time! Congrats, your hard work paid off.

Ry said...

Great job on the half. Excellent time. Sounds like you're really making progress!