Getting back into it.

on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 5:22 PM

I figured that I should get a semi long run in before my 10k race next weekend. So I went out and did a 10 mile long run that was much slower than I normally do. It didn't help that the wind was blowing around like crazy this morning.

If you want to see a HR for a person that has clearly not recovered from running a marathon, you need not look any further.

Mile Lap Time Mile Lap Time
1 09:22.9 6 10:06.6
2 09:45.6 7 09:36.0
3 09:26.3 8 09:37.6
4 09:22.3 9 09:11.2
5 09:46.5 10 09:22.3

Even though these paces were at or slower than my recovery run pace, I had a hard time keeping the HR below 160 which is the upper end of my long run HR. Considering that just two weeks ago, i did a 12 mile long run at a lower HR and a minute per mile faster pace clearly indicates that I'm not any where near being recovered. There's that general rule of thumb that prior to running a race, you should wait at least 1 day for every mile that you previously raced. I should therefore wait 26 days before racing again. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to sign up up for that 10k next week.

Well the clocks were set back one hour this morning and as I write this it's just after 5:30pm and it's almost dark outside. That sucks. On the bright side, there should be some light outside in the mornings when (if?) I go for a run.


lisa said...

Just take things nice and easy for the race. You'll be fine.

Kristi said...

Me too! I'm doing a 10k next Sunday (the fifth). I wasn't going to do it, and I missed the early registration deadline, so I'm going to pay a bit more...but it's a race that I really wanted to run last year and talked myself out of. Plus it's for a good if I need more justification.

Sonia said...

You are an animal! Already back at racing! Good for you =) And have fun at the 10K race!

Frankie said...

Good luck with the 10K...I have still yet to go got a post-Chicago marathon run.

yumke said...

Where you running a 10K? in the city? I say just run it for the fun of it it you don't feel like racing.. then again, it's you, i'm sure you'll tear up the course.

Arcaner said...

it's at the angus glen half marathon in markham. i did the half last year. I'm coming down with a bit of a cold so I just may run it for fun. I guess I'm not quite as invincible as I thought.

Marty said...

Day light savings time suck! Why oh why... I don't know about the rule of thumb. You're coming off a great race and fighting a cold. You'll do great in the 10k! What the heck is a 10k anyway? All I know it's no 26.2: )


Anonymous said...

Rest up a little more and don't sweat the race. Have fun with it. It doesn't have be a PR next weekend. You're showing much courage and determination to be racing so quickly after such an earthshattering marathon PR.

runnergirl said...

Good Luck with your 10K!

TX Runner Girl said...

I happened on your blog after reading another blog. Congrats on your PR in Chicago!