Game Plan for Race Day

on Monday, October 16, 2006 at 8:46 PM

No running today.

I've started trying to figure out a game plan for race day. I've decided that I'm going to try for 3:20. My half marathon time says I can do it and Yasso 800's says I can do it. It would represent a 16 minute improvement in my marathon time in a little over 5 months. Pfitz' plan has been great and I've really felt I've improved but is this biting off more than I can chew? No guts, no glory.

I'm contemplating whether I should sign up for the pace teams. From what the website says, you get a pace band and a bib that states your goal time to wear on your back. I may sign up to get the pace band, but I'm afraid of wearing the bib in case I crash and burn and end up having to slow down. I'd hate for someone to be following me with the intention of running 3:20 to be disappointed because of my failure. I may just try to forego the whole sign up thing and just try and stick with the pace bunny for the whole race, assuming he/she doesn't get lost in the sea of people.

They say you should set several goals for a race with one being your ultimate goal and at least one being realistic. So for Chicago, I've set my three main goals as follows in order of preference:

1) Sub 3:20
2) Sub 3:25
3) Sub 3:35

One other goal that I've always had was running a negative split, but in my experience that just isn't possible for me.

On a side, note, as luck would have it, I received two tickets to the Raptor's exhibition game on Sunday against Lebron James and the Cavaliers. That's right, this Sunday. I guess that's one game I won't be going to.

Hurry up damn week! Finish already!!


Ry said...

You're trained and prepared. We're going to rock Chicago this Sunday. It's going to be the best day of our running lives!

Anonymous said...

You definitely have all it takes to kick this marathon square in the butt! Go for it!!

yumke said...

Go for 3:20. That's my target too. I would have hoped for a 3;25 pacer, but hey..

Which sectino are you starting in?

Sonia said...

Great target, you'll make it!!

Good luck again, even if you don't need it :o)

jellypepper said...

Go for it, the 3:20! Trust in the plan.

Too bad on the Raptors. Finally a team that has promise. And too bad they're in Chicago the weekend after we leave!

Arcaner said...

thanks all for the encouragement!

Yumke, I'm in Preferred 1 also so if you want a running partner, I'm game.

Kristi said...

Negative splits are the bane of my existance as well. Good luck on Sunday and thanks for the encouragement!