And so the countdown begins!

on Sunday, October 1, 2006 at 10:18 PM

Did 4 mile recovery run. Uneventful.

Did 21 miles today!

Mile Split
Mile Split
1 08:50.2
13 08:36.3
2 08:11.4
14 08:17.6
3 09:30.7
15 08:35.5
4 06:53.5
16 08:36.0
5 07:59.4
17 08:28.8
6 08:33.0
18 08:35.7
7 08:27.1
19 08:41.9
8 08:29.5
20 08:39.7
9 08:42.5
21 08:03.5
10 08:21.7

11 08:34.4
Total 2:57:43
12 08:35.3

These were garmin splits which I manually recorded on my HR monitor. I felt kinda silly wearing both the garmin and another watch to monitor my HR. I don't think anyone noticed. It was a great day for a run. Weather was nice and cool. Miles 3, 4 and 5 seemed a bit screwy but that was most likely due to loss of satellite signals. I speeded up for the last mile just to see if I could handle it. Overall pace was at about 8:30.

Though the taper has supposedly officially begun, Pfitz's plan still has a few interesting wrinkles yet to come. He still has a 16 mile long run scheduled for next week the day after a 8-10k tune-up race and a 12 mile run one week prior to the marathon. That doesn't sound like a taper schedule to me! His plan has got me this far with some very encouraging results, so I suppose at this point there's no point in deviating from the plan. I'm "all in" as they say in poker.

21 days and counting...


jeanne said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! what a great run! that pfitz is on to something, I think.

LeahC said...

nice run! I agree with the plan up to the last week where I think it's a bit too much....but we'll see. What program are you using to import your garmin data?