Training update and race pics

on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 8:34 PM

Did 7 miles this morning with 8 strides. My quads have been a little sore since Sunday. I think the combination of a race and a long run this past weekend beat them up pretty good. Luckily I won't have to do that again anytime soon.

I got my confirmation kit in the mail today for Chicago! Bib number 8415! I'm not sure why that's of any use to anyone but me, but I see people posting their bib numbers all over the place, so I thought I'd join in.

They posted some race pics from the 10k I did on the weekend. Here are the two they took of me.

I think my eyes are closed in the first one. These with taken with about 30m left to go so I'm panting and breathing heavily and just generally wishing that it would be over. I also checked out the picture of the guy who beat me and sure enough it was the guy who was running the wrong direction on the course! I was ROBBED!!!

Now that's off my chest, I've now started looking for a 10k race to run after Chicago. I really would like to have a PR time that I know is for the 10k. This time I'm going to pick a 10k course that is "certified". There's one about 2 weeks after Chicago. I'm not sure if that's enough time to recover, but right now that's looking as the only possibility for the remainder of the year.


Sonia said...

That really sucks for the 1st place!!! I would complain if I were you :o)

Nice form on the pics!! I was trying to see that weid collar bone of your but no chance!!

Only 10 days left for you!!! =)

Bob said...

Do you forefoot strike? Cool photos.

Arcaner said...

Yeah you can't see my collar bone. that's by design. If I was wearing a singlet, you would be able to see it no problem!

I generally heel strike with the best of them and I have the worn heels on my old running shoes to prove it, but I think because I'm basically trying to run as fast as I can for the last few m, my turnover is incresed which caused me to forefoot strike.

jellypepper said...

Robbed indeed! Well, enjoy that $30 anyway.

For some reason I thought the Zoo race was after Chicago and I was going to suggest that, but it's not so I got nothing! (okay, neocitran CLEARLY kicking in now).

Anyways, also wanted to tell you I watched these first couple of episodes of Lost during my sick days off work. I am not convinced to go back (To Lost, not work). Three times a charm? Stay tuned.