Rain Rain Go Away!

on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 9:02 PM

Please come back after marathon day!

So I've seen conflicting weather reports for Chicago on Sunday. Some say it's going to rain, some don't.

It rained all day today in Toronto and lucky me I had a 6 mile recovery run scheduled for the morning. It wasn't too cold outside and I thought it would be refreshing so I headed out the door but only ended up doing 4 miles. Tomorrow morning has 7 miles scheduled with 2 @ marathon pace. I'm going to head to the track and see if I can get a feel for what a 3:20 marathon pace feels like. About 1:54 per lap.

I came to the realization today during one of my frequent trips to the men's room (damn water drinking) that I have another goal for Chicago that I didn't mention yesterday and that is to run the whole marathon without having to stop to pee. I've always had to stop in my previous marathons at around the 35 km mark to empty the system and I'm hoping to get the hydration thing right this year. Now if it's raining, all bets are off and if I really need to go I may just let the liquid flow as I'm running so there's another reason to pray that it doesn't rain or at the very least hope that you're not running behind me.


Anonymous said...

Since I'll be waaaaaaay behind you, I'm sure any 'evidence' of your emptying your system will be long gone by then. ;)

Here's hoping we don't get rain on race day!!