Breaking in the new shoes

on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at 10:37 PM

Did 8 miles including 5x600m at 5k pace. Got up in the morning and was out the door while it was still dark. Did a 3 mile warmup on the way to the track. On the way there it started raining a bit and by the time I got to the track flashes of lightning and the crack of thunder were all around me. I decided to do the intervals anyways. I figured that the two goal posts on the infield and the towers in a nearby hydro field would be struck by lightning before my little 5'9" frame would. Even so I was a little nervous about it. I ended up trying to keep track of how long it would take between the flashes of lightning and the accompanying sound of thunder. I think the closest it got was about 8 seconds which means that the lighning struck about 1.5 miles away.. Intervals were:

I topped out at a HR of 185 during the last interval.

Had a 5 mile recovery run scheduled today. Today was the day that I wanted to start using my marathon day shoes. I got up in the morning and heard the unmistakeable sound of rain outside. Not wanting to get my brand spanking new shoes wet on their first run, I ended up moving the run to the evening. I did however hold off on the run until after I saw the first 5 minutes of the season premiere of Lost since there's a lot of buzz on how the first 5 minutes is supposed to blow your mind. It didn't blow my mind, but it sure was intriguing. I'm off now to watch the remainder of the show.

18 days and counting...


jellypepper said...

oooooh, nice new shoes!
is Lost worth going back to? I started to get pretty annoyed with near the end of last season.

looking forward to some nicer weather this weekend.......

Lisa said...

Love those shoes!

I run in the Brooks Burn 3, and there's no way those babies see any dirt or rain. They are just too sexy.

Glad you managed to get in your run, too!

Sonia said...

You're hard core runner!! The darkness is enough for me not to get up, when I hear thunder and see lightning there is just NO WAY I would get out of bed! Great job on the run!

Nice shoes too! =)

I'm still debating which one to wear for the Big Day.... and yes, anticipation is killing me in *many* ways! 9 DAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

Running in a lightening storm? I thought I was nuts.

Your race is only a few weeks away huh? I guess its taper time for you.