Last long run

on Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 9:55 PM

First of all, I have to give some props to the poetic muse that is Jayhawk for her Ode to the Chicago Marathon Bloggers. Visit, read and be entertained!

Did my last long run today prior to the MARATHON next Sunday. I did 12.1 miles at a little over 8:30 pace. Even though this was quite long for the Sunday prior to race day, it went pretty much without incident. I definitely felt strong. This taper thing is really working. I tried to work on my turnover and my breathing during this run. Yeah it's probably a bit late to try and fix any problems, but the nervous energy in me made me feel like I should have been doing something.

Before doing my long run, I went to see the start of the Toronto marathon. Don't ask me why Toronto has two marathons spaced 3 weeks a part because no one has a sensible answer to that. Toronto really sucks in supporting their marathons. It's nothing like in other cities like Chicago where you get fan support lining almost every foot of the course. I watched and cheered the start of the half and the full. I brought my camera to take some pictures but couldn't get it to work. I had thought that the batteries had run dry. By the time I figured out that the batteries had been inserted wrong, all the runners had gone. :( The mayor of Toronto was out to cheer on the start of the runners and I was able to get my picture taken with him. Notice how I'm bundled up like it's the middle of winter? I'm really paranoid about catching a cold this close to race day.

6 days!!!!


Sonia said...

hahaha I would be paranoid if I were you too!!

It was really cold that morning! So, thanks for coming and cheering us =) At the beginning of the race, there was really few people cheering (during that square around Mel Lastmen Square) but as soon as we hit Younge there was plenty of people and they were all very supportive. It was awesome! =)

Good luck next week, I'm 100% sure you'll have a great race! Can't wait to read your report.

Arcaner said...

I guess I've been spoiled by watching the Chicago videos which show people everywhere. I suppose Toronto does have some hard core fans who come out the cheer. I'm glad that you found that there was plenty of support out there.