Splish Splash...

on Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 10:47 PM

I did a little over 9 miles in the evening on Tuesday at about 8:49 pace and then did 3 mile recovery the following morning. This morning I did a little over 9 miles at just over 9 min/miles. The weather was miserable this morning. The temperature has warmed up to about 5C and all the craploads of snow we had gotten over the past couple of weeks is now melting and to top it all off, it basically did not stop raining last night or today. Thankfully, it was above freezing cause I'd gate to see how much snow we would have gotten otherwise.

Looking back at it now, I'm not sure how I got myself out the door this morning. It was rainy and windy and the sidewalks had big puddles in them. Have you ever noticed that when you run through puddles that you alter your stride to avoid splashing water on yourself? If you stride normally while running through a puddle, your foot lands, kicking up water, which just happens to conincide with the forward movement of the other foot which basically causes it to get soaked. I noticed that I tend to either try and get my other foot ahead of the splash or lag behind it so it doesn't get wet. I think someone should do a PhD thesis on this cause i think it would help a lot of runners.

As bad as it was this morning, I'm kinda glad now that I went cuase the temperature has dropped to freezing which means the sidewalks are probably now skating rinks.


jen said...

Yikes, you have some seriously challenging weather conditions up there! Nice job getting out though. I have totally thought of that before- the whole puddle-jumping stride thing.

I think it's interesting how we seem to instinctivley know how to adjust even a few steps in advance to avoid an obstacle.. like our brains estimate the distance and tell our legs to do two little steps then a BIG one. That probably makes no sense, I hope you get what I'm saying!

Steve said...

Fran, You were right, everything is booked up solid in and around Boston, so I decided just to stay at the Airport Hilton. Its fairly easy access to downtown Boston from there.
I'm taking a red-eye and wont arrive in Boston until Sunday morning.
Lets try to hook up either Sunday afternoon or Monday evening after the race.
btw...They're giving me my very own starting time at 8:40 am ( a one person wave start...lol)

Happy splish -splash !

Sonia said...

Awesome news about being the Pace bunny at Ottawa Marathon! Will keep you going after the Boston training =)

yumke said...

I know what you mean about jumping through puddles. If one foot lands on water, I try to quickly lift the other one to avoid the splash. Then, after awhile, I just give up and just get wet.