on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 11:19 PM

Went to the gym this evening and did 9 miles on the treadmill. I had wanted to do it outside this morning, but I just can't get up in the morning to do it. I even went to bed last night at 9pm fully expecting to be up bright and early to get the run in. Alas, I still haven't been able to convince myself in the morning that running outside is better than sleeping in a nice warm bed.

Most of the run was done at 6.5 mi/hr since I'm still trying to ease back into it. I did do one mile @ 8.3mi/hr just to see if I could handle it.

One side effect of the internet access issues at work is that I can't read blogs during my lunch hour, so I have to read actual paper things like newspapers and magazines. So today I read the January edition of Runners World which I've had for a couple of months now. BTW, I cancelled my subscription about a month ago when I realized I only skim through it looking at the pictures. I still have to read the February edition which I'll do tomorrow. As a tip, you can access back issues for free on Google Books. You can also read Running Times there too. One of the articles I read was on shoelace tying. Apparently, I tie my shoe laces wrong. I tie "granny knots" which supposedly make it easier for my shoe laces to come undone. My shoelaces tend to come undone quite frequently and this is probably the reason. I tried doing it the right way and it felt strange. Guess I got to get used to it. You can read more about it here.


Quinto Sol said...

In a letter to the editor someone complained that the magazine spent three (???) pages on that topic...

I learned early on to always double-tie them; and it has worked for me.