Back in the game

on Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 11:11 PM

I haven't been able to do much training these past two weeks. Friday I did 6 miles at the gym after work at a slow pace which is the first run I did in about 2 weeks. I came back an hour ago from a 10.2 mile long run outside at about 9:45 pace. Yes, I missed the Super Bowl. I did tape it, so I'll probably try and get around to watching it sometime this week. I already know who won but for me it's the execution that counts and not the final outcome. Watching TV is going to get a lot more difficult this week cause all the shows I'm interested in are starting to come back now. There's Lost, Heroes, Chuck, Fringe, 24 and Life on Mars to name a few.

So with my work thing done, I should have more free time to post and read, unless my TV watching gets in the way. While surfing around today and visting a bunch of running forums that i've read in the past, I noticed a thread indicating that they shut down Boston registrations last week for this year. Wow that's really early. Last year, it didn't close until the end of February and this year it filled up a whole month earlier and last year they had the Olympic trials. I guess the Last Chance for Boston Marathon which is in two weeks is going to have to change their name now or otherwise move the marathon to sometime in January.


yumke said...

Wow, Boston is getting more popular I guess. I noticed Chicago opened yesterday, I wonder how long that'll take to fill up..

How does it feel taking a break from running -- I haven't taken a two week break in years.

Steve said...

I should know by the end of this week whether I'll be taking you up on that Dinner offer in Boston.

Happy training!

jen said...

Wow, nice long run after the hiatus. Welcome back to training/blogging! :)

Arcane said...

breaks been good, i think, but starting back up is tough.