10 weeks down, 8 to go

on Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 10:07 PM

Wednesday: 8 miles including the first VO2Max workout for the session. 5x600m intervals with 90s recovery's. Supposed to be done at 5k pace which I figured to be about 6:30 pace at the moment. I ended up doing them slightly faster.

Split Pace
02:20.7 06:17.4
02:22.4 06:22.0
02:22.8 06:23.0
02:22.0 06:20.9
02:24.1 06:26.5
02:23.1 06:23.8

Pretty good. I think I could have pushed the distance for these a bit further so I think this pace is about right.

Thursday: 5 mile recovery 9:30 pace

Saturday: 8 miles including 8 strides. Averaged 8:52 for the whole run.

Sunday: Did a little over 14 miles. Went down to the lake to run part of the marathon course again.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 8:29
8 8:19
2 8:18
9 7:54
3 8:19
10 8:31
4 8:15
11 8:29
5 8:20
12 8:20
6 8:13
13 8:18
7 8:29
14 8:13

Lap 9 was a bit premature. The inside of my left knee was hurting for the entire run. I've been getting lazy this past week about the knee. I didn't stretch after my runs and I've been lately foregoing the glucosamine that I've been taking 3 times a day in the past. I don't know if neglecting these things did this but I guess now is not the time to be skipping things that may have worked in the past. My shin is also giving me the same issues I had this past spring. In fact, it was at this very same point in the training plan that I encountered these pains. Hopefully things will work out better this time.

This upcoming week is the highest mileage week of the plan at 55 miles which includes the LT workout from hell that includes 12 miles on Wednesday with 7 miles at LT pace. I'm hoping that the knee recovers by then. Plan is as follows:

Tuesday: 6 miles recovery including 6 strides
Wednesday: 12 miles including 7@ LT pace
Friday: 12 miles General Aerobic
Saturday: 5 miles recovery
Sunday: 20 miles

I'm hoping that it's relatively cool on Wednesday morning cause otherwise it's going to make for a pretty crappy run.


Dave Fleet said...

Good luck with the knee; I know how frustrating that can be.

Remember to listen to what your body's saying - cutting back on a few miles is worth it compared to getting injured and not running the race!

Sonia said...

I cannot belive its only 8 weeks away from the marathon! And it's a big week for you. Hope the knee holds on, take it easier if you feel discomfort!

Dave said...

Nice job ont he runs. I hear you about the knee. I notice when I don't stretch well after my runs - it makes a huge difference. I also notice if I neglect taking my glucosamine... that stuff really helps I think.

yumke said...

I hear you on stretching.. i've been so bad.. well, i'm always so bad.. part of the problem is I find it hard enough to fit long weekday runs into my schedule.

hope the 12/7 LT goes well. I did my 10/5 this morning.. It was tough.. more the hour of the day (5 a.m.) than anything else, but at least it was coolish out.

jen said...

Great workouts!

Defintely go back to your healthy-knee routine of stretching and taking Glucosomine. Also start icing your knee and shins as often as possible. I bet this is a peak-week thing, I would be surprised if you didn't have some nagging pains! Stay on top of it and it'll go away.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

BE Careful with those body parts! You've come too far to let it get you now!

You are really fast!!

I'm sending

vibes to Toronto tomorrow!