Some New Purchases

on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 7:32 PM

Did 8 miles @ around 8:20 pace this morning. I'm not completely recovered from the half that I did on the weekend and found this morning's run a little rough. Felt like I was working harder than I should be.

I'm glad I went this morning cause it's just stinking hot right now. Hope it cools down by tomorrow morning since I have my first VO2Max workout for this training session. Pfitz says I should be doing these at 5k race pace. Last fall I did these around 6:40 min/mile which was easy to keep track of since it's 50s for every 200m. I'm going to try and do these at 6:30 this time around with the hopes of doing them faster by the end of this training cycle. It's a relatively easy 5x600m with 90s recoveries.

I bought some new running stuff on the weekend. I bought a new pair of shoes. My current pair are kinda done and I'm starting to feel some shin pain. It's exactly 300 training miles to the taper so it works out well since the start of the taper is usually when I switch to my race day shoes.

I also bought a hand held water bottle which was on sale for $10. I already have one pretty much like this, but I don't have one with a fancy kicker valve. I've been craving one of these ever since my problems last winter with the spout freezing on my current bottle. This one doesn't have constrictions where water can freeze and block the flow of liquid. I tried it out the morning and it'll take some getting used to. The liquid doesn't come out like in a regular spout, but rather it shoots out in a really tight stream. I'm not sure I like it just yet and the bottle is not transparent so it's hard to judge how much liquid is left inside and it's also much stiffer than my older bottle. I guess it'll help to build up my hand strength, kinda like squeezing a tennis ball.


Steve said...

It's good to read that Im not the only that feels like S**t after a half marathon. :)

I have a couple of those kicker valve bottles. They worked really well ( once I figured out how to use it correctly).

What kind of shoes?

Great job on the half!

Audrey said...

yes i'm alarmed you know how many miles it is until your taper!!

Sonia said...

This is just too funny!! I use my bottle for all runs under 5 miles, I got it at the expo at Around the Bay this year and was just going to post on my blog about how much I love this thing!! I have the exact same one but with a purple handler!!

jen said...

Great job on the Half Marathon! Very fast. You maintained a very strong pace and I think it's ok you didn't feel like you could run double that distance right then. You have plenty of training left to get there- I think you're right where you should be. Nice!!

I have that same water bottle, actually I have a few of them! I have an Ultimate Direciton fuel belt and also the hand-held, plus extra bottles.

Fran said...

I bought the Adrenaline GTS 6's. They are last year's model. I've been running in the 7's and will porbably move to them for race day.