10 Mile Race Report

on Monday, July 16, 2007 at 12:08 AM

Well the goal of the race was to treat it as a long run and hit a bit of an LT pace for the last two miles. I positioned myself at quite a bit behind the start line in the hopes that it would force me to slow down at the start. It kinda worked for the first km, but most of the km after this were too fast. I just couldn't force myself to slow down so I just ended up maintaining a comfortable pace.

km Lap Time HR Avg
km Lap Time HR Avg
1 05:03.7 155
9 04:52.5 172
2 04:51.1 165
10 04:41.0 171
3 04:51.6 167
11 04:42.9 172
4 05:01.4 165
12 04:38.7 173
5 04:49.2 166
13 04:37.0 176
6 04:47.3 167
14 04:36.6 182
7 04:53.8 169
15 04:25.9 182
8 04:38.6 171
16.093 04:13.0 184

I tried to do the last 3 km at LT pace though only the last two were substantially faster. I was sprinting right at the end and my last km was the fastest. Chip Finish time of 1:15:44 which is an average pace of 7:34 for the 10 miles.

First 5 mile split time: 39:07 (7:49 pace)
Last 5 mile split time: 36:38 (7:20 pace)
Negative split of 2:29 (yeah!)

Met up with Sonia, Yumke, Jelly and Amanda after the race to have a nice fattening breakfast of whipped cream, buttermilk pancakes and bacon. It was nice to finally get to meet the people that I've been reading about for the last year or so. We had our picture taken by a race photographer and so maybe we'll make it into the official pictures. I think I blinked though.


Steve said...

Sounds like a great time. It's always nice to meet fellow blogger/runners.

That breakfast looked pretty tasty too.
Pancakes with whipped cream? mmmm Now you're talking!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

It does sound like it was fun! I was supposed to do that race, but it didn't end up happening cause I couldn't get down to do it!

Just tell me the t-shirt wasn't too nice!

yumke said...

I know what you mean about not being able to slow down.. I promised myself i'd start with 5 minute Ks, but I couldn't go any slower than 4:50s... It was fun to turn it on a little at the end.. Good seeing you .. I only wish I can have bacon and pancakes more often -- but i'm realistic :)

Fran said...

the shirt was just your average white tehnical shirt with a cheezy logo on it. Wasn't that bad.

Bridgette said...

Great race! I wish my problem was that I can't slow down...my problem is usually the opposite! :)

jen said...

Nice race performance! especially a negative split, very impressive. That breakfast sounds delicious... oh and cool that you got to meet fellow bloggers! (sorry, I'm hungry) Keep it up man. :)

Dave said...

Nice job on the race. I am envious of your pace and that breakfast... mmm... bacon and pancakes...

Cuckoo said...

Awesome splits and great job on the race! I just read your last post too about the added 4 miles at the end of the day. That totally cracks me up because I am completely obsessive like that as well, and would have done the exact same thing I'm sure. Nice job getting in the 50 miles for the week :)

jellypepper said...

hey hey! nice to meet you the other day. we'll have to do it again sometime. at the very least after scotiabank.... !!!