Mass update

on Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 10:05 AM

I've been busy at work, so no updates but I did manage to get all my runs in this week.

Tuesday: Did 6 miles including 6 strides. Rather than do the strides in the middle of the run, I did them towards the end since 6 miles isn't a whole lot. Also had my 6th A.R.T. appointment. With this appointment, I maxed out my yearly health plan allowance for chiropractic treatment, so future appointments will be paid for out of my pocket. I think the treatment has really worked to solve my original problem with the outside of my left knee. I complained that I noticed the inside of my knee was also hurting at times so he tried some different things which really hurt. With that sign, it probably means I still need some more treatment to deal with that. Next appointment is in 2 weeks.

Wednesday: 12 miles @ about 8:30 pace.

Thursday: 12 miles including 6@ LT pace. I really was dreading this run. I didn't get home till 11pm Wednesday night and ate some Kraft dinner, some left over roasted chicken and a French baguette for dinner. Really wasn't looking forward to trying to do an LT run the next morning since I wasn't really fueled properly. To potentially help, i drank a bottle of gatorade before going to bed in the hopes that my body would process the fluid and carbs before I woke up. Out the door by 5:30am and noticed the wind whipping around. Temperature was nice though at around 15C. Jogged the 2 miles to the shopping mall parking lot and started in.

Lap Time HR Avg
06:59.8 168
06:58.8 176
07:00.9 179
07:01.0 178
07:00.6 179
06:57.7 180

Holy crap. Where the heck did those come from? Since I had some problems last week trying to maintain a 7:10 pace for 5 miles and considering the crappy evening before and the blast of wind in the face during part of the course, I'm not sure how I managed 7 min miles for the whole 6 miles. It could have been the cooler weather and the fact that it was overcast and the wind did a nice job of cooling me off though running into wasn't exactly all peaches and cream. I did start to get a bit of a side stitch during the last mile, but felt that I probably could have done another one at that pace if I had to. Pretty consistent splits.

One thing I noticed after this run is that the shin pain that caused me to bail on my spring marathon plan feels like it's trying to make a comeback. It doesn't really hurt when I run, but it's tender if I try to massage it. Will try to ice and stretch and do all the nice stuff.

Today: 5 miles @ about 9:35 pace. Tough run, had problems keeping my HR down, but i guess it was expected after a hard LT run the day before.

Tomorrow has a 20 miler planned.

Here is a picture from the RBF-TO gathering at the race last sunday. Thanks to Jelly for the picture.

L to R: Sonya, Amanda, Me, Yumke

Unfortunately, we forgot to include Jelly in the pic and we didn't seem to make it into the official race pics. I did manage to find a picture of Yumke, I think. He's behind the two people wearing orange just to the right of the middle of the picture. I also found a picture of Sonya.


yumke said...

Fantastic LT run.. wow, you look great..

And i can't believe you spotted me in thepic.. i didn't see myself there until you pointed it out

Steve said...

Wow 7's for a full six miles? Smokin!

Hey , did you here about Alan Webb breaking the one mile record ... 3:46:91 ??

Incredible stuff!

Have fun on your 20 miler...

Quinto Sol said...

Hey Good luck with your BQ attempt... I hope your injuries heal by then.